Server Is Busy Restrict Area BGMI: Fix This Error Now!

Server is busy restrict area BGMI: There is a new problem or issue that occurs in the game that players are not able to play. When they start the game, a message displays on the screen that says “Server is busy restrict area”. Everyone is struggling with this issue and doesn’t know how to fix it. Mainly Indian players are facing these issues, as we know that BGMI is banned in India.

Server is busy restrict area BGMI

However, it is very frustrating to not be able to play the game because the server is busy and BGMI is restricted. But we can try some tricks to check some possible ways to fix this server is busy restrict area issue. As I do not believe there is a specific problem with this Server is busy restrict area BGMI error, we can attempt to resolve it.

So in this article, we will discuss how to fix the “Server is busy restrict area BGMI error, and firstly, we will see what the possible cause of this error is. So without any further delay, let’s start the article.


What Is server is busy restrict area BGMI?

Server is busy restrict area BGMI

Don’t worry too much if you face “Server is busy restrict area Error” when playing Battlegrounds Mobile India and are having problems. This warning just shows that the servers have become full because of a large amount of players wanting to play the game together. Unfortunately, there is not a specific cure for this error right away.

The most effective way to follow is to wait until there isn’t as much traffic on the server until trying to play again. You can ask for help from customer service if waiting doesn’t work. Requesting them to remove players with your area code from the game should only be a last resort. Keep in mind that before taking any action, customer support might need more information from you.

Server is busy restrict area BGMI

Way To Fix The Server Is Busy Error :-

  • Check for your location: Make sure you are playing from an allowed region because BGMI is only available from India. You will get the error notice if you are trying to access BGMI from a restricted area.
  • Wait and try again later: When there is a lot of traffic on the game’s servers, the error can also happen. You can wait a while and try again later in this situation.
  • Use a VPN: If you are playing from a region that’s not blocked but are still getting the problem, you can try connecting to an Indian server with a VPN.
  • Clear cache and data: The BGMI app’s cache and data can also be cleared in order to resolve Server is busy restrict area BGMI errors. Clear the cache and data for the BGMI app simply opening the settings section of your mobile device.
  • Restart the app: Make sure BGMI is installed on your device in the most latest version. Update the app from the Google Play Store if necessary.
  • Try a different emulator: If you are experiencing problems while playing on an emulator, you might try a new one. According to some users, the problem does not happen when using LDPlayer version 4.0.60.

Conclusion :-

It’s important to avoid playing the game in other players’ area codes in the moment. The game will be more difficult for everyone to enjoy if everyone is playing in the same area code. Therefore, it is vital to show patience and wait for the new server is busy restrict area problems to be fixed.

Last but not least, keep in mind that Android phones are the only ones accepted by Battlegrounds Mobile India. Both PCs and iOS devices are not in keeping with it. You need an Android phone with Android 5.1.1 or later and at least 2GB of RAM in order to play the game. You won’t be able to play the game if your smartphone doesn’t match these requirements.

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