All Roblox Pixel Piece Quests – June 2023

What are the new Roblox Pixel Piece quests for June and July 2023? Along with new map locations, pixel Piece new quests have arrived too.

There are many islands along with new maps. All map locations in Roblox Pixel Piece also have new boss fights, quests, NPCs, enemies, and more tasks, challenges and missions too. Right now June 2023 Pixel Piece missions have arrived too.

To complete all new challenges of Pixel Piece, players must also reach higher levels and some can be completed within the level one itself. More on Roblox Pixel Piece Quests are here at our GA end.

Pixel Piece quests

All Roblox Pixel Piece Quests – June 2023

The new set of missions for Pixel Piece are only to defeat Bandits, Norgan, Cutlass Marines, Norgan bosses, Bandits Bosses, Swordsmen Sailors and every all other Bosses too.

Once you complete these new tasks, you get some amazing rewards like Caravel Boat, Marine Hat, Orange Town Log Pose, Metal Jaw, and Baratie Log Pose too.

That’s all about the new Roblox Pixel Piece new challenges for this week. These exclusive quests can be completed from level 1 to level 20 too.

Fruits like Ice, Paw, Phoenix and Smoke will also be good for these new quests in the Pixel Piece game.

Complete all quests and you can use just swords along with the available Pixel Piece skills to slash enemies as these are just enough to complete these new missions too.

Pixel Piece quests


All about Roblox Pixel Piece Quests guide and tips along with Walkthrough and tricks are given here at GA. Stay tuned to Gaming Acharya for more Roblox updates and leaks here.

Pixel Piece is an anime action adventure game on Roblox app from the developers named Pixel Piece_. You will be going to new islands and seas to fight against bosses and enemies too.

There are also scenery, dungeons, and raid. You can explore all locations with your allies to complete these new challenges too.

New fruits and a new Logue Town have also been added to the game exclusively too right now. Your ultimate goal is to find the devil fruit in this game. You will have to clear all challenges and then go to the same locations too.

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