How to get all the Eggs in MLB the Show 23

The Great Egg Hunt has come in MLB The Show 23, and players must find Eggs in MLB the Show 23 in total to receive special goodies like packs and Diamond player equipment. Here’s where to look for the eggs. The Great MLB Egg Hunt The Show 23 was the last thing I planned to write about today, but let’s help you find those pesky multicolored eggs that the evil Easter Bunny left behind. 

How to get all the Eggs in MLB the Show 23

Players that get stuck can acquire tips from the game about where to find the eggs, although they sometimes are too unclear to finish. Players may discover each of the eggs here and begin unlocking their prizes. Why would you want to participate in the wicked bunny’s games? There are a number of incentives available, which we’ll discuss further below. In MLB The Show 23, here’s how to acquire all of the eggs. 

How to get all the Eggs in MLB the Show 23

Egg 1 Hint: There are currently nine hidden eggs.

Solution: Go to the Moments menu and complete The Great Egg Hunt moments.

Hint for Egg 2: What do you call an egg that crosses the world? A splorer of eggs!

Win a game against four different teams from various continents. Mini Seasons is recommended for this.

Egg 3 Tip: This is your opportunity to become the Egg Conqueror!

Solution: Play a Diamond Dynasty Conquest game.

Hint for Egg 4: The Golden Egg is immaculate!

In a Battle Royale game, hit a home run.

How to get all the Eggs in MLB the Show 23

Egg 5 Hint: Why didn’t the egg fight? It didn’t want to break under duress!

Play a ranking game as a solution.

Egg 6 Tip: Avoid treading on eggshells when out for a walk!

Solution: In any game mode, walk five times.

Egg 7 Hint: Is it possible to adorn cards in the same manner that eggs can?

Solution: Egg Hunt Program Cards grant 1,000 PXP.

Hint for Egg 8: What happened first? Which came first, the bird or the egg?

Solution: Defeat the Blue Jays, Cardinals, or Orioles in any difficulty Play against CPU games. The game must be scheduled for nine innings.

Egg 9 Hint: Egg hunts may be pretty exciting!

Play an Events game as a solution.

The Great Egg Hunt Rewards

Here’s a list of all the rewards for collecting all of the eggs in MLB The Show 23.

  • Catfish Hunter (SP) – 95 Diamonds Overall
  • Icon for Swing Bunny Bunny Swing Profile
  • Alex Bregman (3B) – 96 Diamond Overall
  • 5 Packs of The Show
  • Gregory Soto (RP) – 95 Diamond Overall
  • Packs of 3 Ballin is a Habit
  • George Springer – 97 Diamonds Overall
  • Reggie Jackson – 97 Diamond Overall
  • Profile Icon for Golden Egg

So yet, no official date has been set, so I’d urge getting started on the quest as soon as possible before it goes without a trace. Collecting all nine eggs will reveal the Golden Egg Icon. After figuring out where all the eggs are, it shouldn’t be too tough to collect, but it will be a time-consuming procedure at the very least.

The Great Egg Hunt is an Easter-themed event in MLB The Show 23 that began on April 7, however Sony San Diego Studios has not specified a specific finish date. What this means is that gamers appear to have plenty of time to find these eggs and get their prize. 

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