Kiwora MLBB Viral Link: Leaks and Update New*

Kiwora MLBB viral link: Every Mobile Legends player and fan knows Kiwora very well. For those who don’t know about him, He is known as a painter who creates the painting of Mobile Legends characters, mainly female characters. And this Kiwora MLBB viral link, he created a fan art which is widely shear and seen by the people.

They like the painting which is an art of a female Mobile Legends character. We will discuss all we know further in this post and show you which art is widely shared and seen by the players. Also in this article, we will discuss how is Kiwora and what is true identity.

What is Kiwora MLBB Viral Link?

Kiwora MLBB Viral Link

As I told you in the introduction, Kiwora is a Pinter who does fan art of Mobile Legends. He regularly shears his art on Twitter, as we know Twitter is a very famous social media platform to grow or become popular. So Kiwora MLBB viral link start from here, he has over 92k followers in just 3.5 years.

His account has 273 tweets and over 200k people viewed his art. So imagine how good he is in his art form. He also shears his art in telegram and other social media platforms, and he gains so much popularity, but no one knows his true name.

What Is Kiwora MLBB viral link? 

Recently Kiwora created a fan art painting of female Mobile Legends character which is base on game, anime, and other television show. Through this fan art, Kiwora MLBB is gaining many followers on Twitter and other social media platforms. His Account username name @mlbbhub shear this tweet of this fan art which rapidly got popular among the people.

Kiwora MLBB mainly targets the anime fans who love to watch anime and make his art according to them. Then he sheared his work in telegram, and the fan anime fans and Mobile Legends player loves his fan art.

In this telegram is gain 50k followers and will touch to 100k in not time because of his popular fan art. If you didn’t see his famous art yet, take a look in the below image. Overall, Kiwora MLBB viral link become a sensation among the gamer and anime lovers, because of his art and quality to painting.

What Is The Really Identity Of Kiwora MLBB?

Kiwora MLBB Viral Link


The real identity of kiwora is unknown till now, no-one knows his true name or any information about him. He didn’t disclose his personal information and his name in social media. In think now he will open his true identity, and we will get to know about the famous fan art painter.

In Kiwora MLBB viral link many fans of his shear his art in other platform like TikTok and YouTube. They were shearing by videos and post, by tell or discussing his Kiwora MLBB art and quality in the video. Which make him more and more fan in the art field.

But to let you, Kiwora MLBB is only active on Twitter and Telegram, In which he shears in fab art to us. Many of the fake account appearing after Kiwora MLBB viral link to gain some popularity under his shadow. So beware of these guys because they can also defame him.


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