Hogwarts Legacy Patch 1.04 Notes: Fixed Bugs & What’s New!

Hogwarts Legacy Patch 1.04 Notes was recently released with various bug fixes and updates. If you are a PS4 or PS5 user, then this is good news for you. The Hogwarts Legacy Patch 1.04 Notes come with improvements to the gameplay experience, modes, and stability.

So in this article, we will discuss the Hogwarts Legacy Patch 1.04 Notes. What changes has the developer made to improve the quality of the game? And will also see what bugs they fix and what improvements they make. So let’s start the article without any further delay.

Hogwarts Legacy Patch 1.04 Notes

Hogwarts Legacy Patch 1.04 notes:

According to the official game notes, Hogwarts Legacy Patch 1.04 comes with better game experience and stability improvements. This 1.04 patch note comes with an overall improvement in gameplay, which we will discuss in detail in our next paragraph. There are many changes in the Hogwarts Legacy Patch 1.04 notes.

As this 1.04 patch notes released yesterday, June 2, 2023, Players will be happy to get the patch notes because many are sending requests to fix the bug so they can play better. So here in these Hogwarts Legacy Patch 1.04 Notes, they cover or fix all the bugs that players requested to be fixed. There is a huge list of fixes we will see in the official game fix in these 1.04 patch notes.

Hogwarts Legacy Patch 1.04 Notes

Bug Fixed In Hogwarts Legacy Patch 1.04 Notes:

  • Mission:

The official fix for the bug of players permanently locking themselves with Natsai This is what happened when we manually saved during mission HL-12659. Also fix the issue, and the avatar is now able to unlock the talent menu during a mission (HL-12659).

  • Doors:

This is the official fix for many bugs that were happening, like the visual issue of the door and avatar falling from the balcony when opening the door. Also fix the cinematics issue that is affecting avatars and champion NPCs.


In the performance of the Hogwarts Legacy, many issues are present. But in this 1.04 patch note, everything gets fixed.

  • Fix the World Unloading issue.
  • Fix the memory optimisation error.
  • Fix landscape streaming issues.
  • Fix the localization crash.
  • Fix the avatar falling out of the world due to missing rocks.
  • Fix crashes with light probes.
  • Fix errors when opening ornate chests.
  • Fix stuck items related to foliage.
  • Fix crash fast while travelling to the forbidden forest.


In this category, the official fixes some bugs that are interrupting the game, just like

  • Fix Professor Hecat’s apparent VFX missing in the scripted mission.
  • Fix the collection items to count in the game.
  • Fix Gregory and the Goblet of Fire field guide.


In the updated localization, there is an issue related to the overlapping of location names during the game. The official fix fixes the bug, along with some other errors.

The Hogwarts Legacy Patch 1.04 notes also solve quest tracking, untracking missions in-game, and robes being available in your gear by default.

Hogwarts Legacy Patch 1.04 Notes

Conclusion :-

So this all we got in Hogwarts Legacy Patch 1.04 notes. There are more fixes than I have time to write yet because of the article length. So I will make another post on the left-over fixes. So Book Gaming Acharya the know the other update and fixes of Hogwarts Legacy Patch 1.04 notes. Try the new patch and share your experience in the comments section.

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