Tower of fantasy Nightmare Edge Event Easy F2P Tricks and Tips!

Tower of fantasy Nightmare Edge Event Easy F2P Trick: The new and latest Tower of Fantasy event is live now. Here’s the best trick to complete it easily.

The new event of Tower of Fantasy from the exclusive 2.5 patch update version has some challenging tasks for all wanderers. The challenges will be available from June 1 – June 14 of 2023 and which means the event is already live on Tower of Fantasy as well.

As developers Hotta Studio say, you have to continue with all challenges until you all face and reach the edge of the nightmare as well. Now let’s see some tips and tricks for the Nightmare Edge event in the game.

Tower of fantasy Nightmare Edge Event Easy F2P Tricks and Tips!

This new nightmare event of Tower of Fantasy is being played in three different modes like Normal, Hard, and Nightmare.

This event’s all difficulty levels have 10 levels and stages to clear. You also get weapon buffs and improvements once your units’ levels are also increased too.

If you choose one difficulty level for Nightmare Edge event, you must continue the same for all your wanderers as well. As this Tower of Fantasy doesn’t allow you to change levels exclusively. Else, the event will begin from the scratch as well.

Tower of fantasy Nightmare Edge Event Easy F2P Trick

Also select units and weapons based on your enemy’s elements in this nightmare event exclusively on Tower Of Fantasy game.

There will also be some corresponding weak point buffs against all enemies in the each stage of the nightmare event as well. This can also help you to win more challenges easily too.

You also get rewards for each stage of the new Tower of Fantasy nightmare edge event for 2023. Complete everything before the event ends too.


That’s all about the Tower of Fantasy Nightmare Edge Event F2P Tricks from our GA end. As all tips and tricks to complete the new nightmare event in the game are also given here right now at GA. Stay tuned to us for more exclusive leaks and e-Sports updates and news here.

Is Tower Of Fantasy a Good Game in 2023 ? 

Tower of Fantasy is an amazing action anime RPG for mobile and PC. A games based on girl and it happens in a open-world fantasy universe. Hotta Studio developers may include Tower of Fantasy for more devices in the upcoming years and in 2023 too.


An amazing fantasy adventure game where you can all play and roam freely as a wanderer like no one questions you anytime. The game also has many colorful events as well.

Even fans of Tower of Fantasy have been waiting for the game’s steam deck device version, Tower of Fantasy may well release for Steam Deck in 2023. Let’s wait for more exclusive leaks and updates for Tower of Fantasy in 2023 beginning and the starting days. Till then you can all easily play the game in mobile and windows.

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