Town of Salem 2 New Roles: Complete Guide 2023

Town of Salem 2 New Roles is expanding its roster of intriguing characters with a variety of new roles. The developers at Blank Media Games have consistently refreshed the original Town of Salem with feature updates and DLC, but it’s the players who truly bring the game to life. The sequel builds upon the intricate web of roles and interactions, providing seasoned players with new opportunities for deception and strategy. 

Town of Salem 2 New Roles: Complete Guide 2023

Here is a complete guide to the Town of Salem 2 New Roles, along with recommendations on how to maximize their abilities. Please note that these roles are based on a fictional Town of Salem 2 game and may not reflect the actual roles implemented by the developers. Game mechanics and roles are subject to change as the developers continue to refine and balance the gameplay. 

Town of Salem 2 New Roles: Complete Guide 2023

Town of Salem 2 New Role: The Wildling

The Wildling has a simple role: they can see which town members are visiting each night. This information can be shared with other coven members, allowing them to detect patterns and plan their murders accordingly. The Wildling also possesses a basic assault with the Necronomicon every night.

Town of Salem 2 New Role: The Baker/Famine

The Baker is the first of the apocalyptic roles in Town of Salem 2. Their objective is to drive the town to perish, winning as the last surviving player. As the Baker, you can provide bread to multiple characters daily. Once three characters consume the bread, the Baker transforms into Famine.

Famine initiates an overwhelming onslaught, leaving only four players alive. The remaining members have three days to identify Famine, while Famine can accelerate the famine process by targeting one player each night.

Town of Salem 2 New Role: The Berserker/War

The Berserker is another apocalyptic role, but this one is more hands-on. The Berserker’s power increases with each kill, but they can only attack on full moon nights initially. After the first kill, they can attack every night, and after the second kill, they will murder both the target and their visitors.

Upon reaching the third kill, the Berserker becomes War, delivering an unstoppable strike every night while also eliminating all their visitors. The only way to kill War is through a lynch, so it’s crucial to gather support early on while dealing with this formidable role.

Town of Salem 2 New Role: The Seer

The Seer is one of the most unique new characters in Town of Salem 2. Aligned with the Town faction, the Seer can investigate two other players to determine if they belong to rival factions. While this ability doesn’t reveal which player is on which side, it provides an excellent opportunity to start throwing accusations and creating chaos.

Other roles in the game can manipulate which factions players appear to be affiliated with, so playing the same characters two nights in a row can be a strategic move.

Town of Salem 2 New Role: The Deputy

The Deputy is a high-risk, high-reward role ideal for confident players. During the day, the Deputy can launch a powerful attack on a player who lacks basic defenses. This attack results in an immediate kill, but there’s a catch: if the Deputy kills a town member, both the Deputy and the target will die. This role is excellent for punishing Mafia members for early mistakes or speeding up the trial-and-error process when the game slows down.

Town of Salem 2 New Role: The Trickster

Contrary to what the name suggests, the Trickster is not a friend of the Jester. Instead, the Trickster serves as a bait-and-switch alternative for the town. The Trickster can divert attacks on themselves to other players on three nights throughout the game.

Once suspicions have been established, you can bait Mafia attacks by assuming another role and then retaliate. However, be aware that the Mafia is aware of this ruse, and there’s no guarantee that their new target is guilty.

Town of Salem 2 New Role: The Monarch

The Monarch is a fresh take on the Mayor role. Instead of increasing their own vote count, the Monarch can “Knight” other players to strengthen their position. By doing so, they confirm their own townie status and grant their knights an additional vote.

Monarchs can create a voting block of up to seven votes, giving them significant political influence. The Monarch also gains basic protection as long as at least one knight remains alive.

Town of Salem 2 New Role: The Coroner

The Coroner introduces a unique way to identify evil players by tracing bodies back to their murderers. Each day, the Coroner can examine a deceased player and perform an autopsy.

This alone doesn’t provide any information, but the Coroner can visit a player at night to determine if they were the murderer. This role requires keen observation or astute social deduction skills, but it can be used effectively to corner the Mafia in later stages of the game.

Town of Salem 2 New Role: The Prosecutor

The Prosecutor functions similarly to the Deputy but with one significant distinction. At any point during the day, the Prosecutor can initiate a trial for a suspected player, resulting in an automatic guilty conviction.

This ability is useful for undermining the voting power of Mafia or Coven members. However, one wrong guess will result in the immediate death of the Prosecutor and their chosen victim.

Town of Salem 2 New Roles: Complete Guide 2023

Town of Salem 2 New Role: The Dreamweaver

The Dreamweaver is the first of the new Coven positions in Town of Salem 2. By infiltrating a townie’s dreams, the Dreamweaver can drive them to insanity. If the target is not visited by another town member the following night, they become erratic, voting and targeting randomly, effectively eliminating themselves from the game. With careful planning, the Dreamweaver can isolate and eliminate town members without raising suspicion.

Town of Salem 2 New Role: The Enchanter

The Enchanter is ideal for players who enjoy long-term manipulation. When a player dies, the Enchanter can alter how their role and last will appear to the rest of the players. However, any changes made by the Enchanter are nullified if a player investigates the altered role.

This role can disrupt everyone’s plans and deceive the town into thinking they have eliminated a Coven member. The Enchanter is a challenging role to play but offers nearly unlimited possibilities for manipulation.

Town of Salem 2 New Role: The Illusionist

The Illusionist serves as a defense role for the Coven, aiming to divert suspicion away from fellow witches. For one night, the Illusionist can make another Coven member nearly impervious to investigation.

Sheriffs and Investigators see them as innocent townspeople, Seers view them as fellow residents, and Bodyguards refuse to target them. By setting up the perfect crime and concealing their tracks, the Illusionist can start the game on the right foot.

Town of Salem 2 New Role: The Conjuror

If you want to expose your adversaries as members of the Coven in style, the Conjuror can help. During the day, this role can conjure a meteor to strike any target, inflicting devastating damage and almost guaranteeing a kill.

This daytime strike bypasses most protective abilities of Clerics or Bodyguards, making it a perfect way to eliminate high-priority targets with few viable defenses.

Town of Salem 2 New Role: The Cleric

The Cleric is essentially a more proactive version of the Doctor. Each night, the Cleric can choose another player to grant Powerful Defense to, significantly increasing their chances of surviving an attack.

If the protected player is assaulted, they will likely survive and learn that someone protected them. Additionally, if the attack was caused by a Coven member, the Cleric’s protection will also heal any poisoning. Use this role strategically to keep important town members alive and counter Mafia’s moves.

Town of Salem 2 New Role: The Admirer

Despite its seemingly innocent name, the Admirer is one of the most sinister new characters in Town of Salem 2. The Admirer can propose marriage to another player once during the game.

If both roles are accepted, their roles are revealed to everyone else in the game. Refusing the marriage proposal also raises suspicions. However, keep in mind that being married creates vulnerability, as the death of one spouse instantly kills the other.

Town of Salem 2 New Role: The Keeper of Tavern

If you are certain that a player is a witch or a member of the Mafia but the town won’t believe you, take on the role of the Tavern Keeper. Instead of engaging in more dynamic actions, the Tavern Keeper can persuade one player each night to stay for a drink, effectively preventing them from carrying out their role. The same player cannot be chosen two nights in a row, but the Tavern Keeper is immune to all role-blocking abilities.

Town of Salem 2 New Roles: Complete Guide 2023

Town of Salem 2 New Role: The Jinx

The Jinx allows the Coven to bait verified townies. This role waits outside a target’s house and attacks anyone who visits them. However, all visiting players will learn the Jinx’s identity, so it’s important to avoid targeting players who receive multiple visits.

With the Necronomicon, the Jinx becomes even more powerful, dealing a basic attack to a visitor and the owner of the house they stalk. The Jinx is the last Coven member to receive the cursed book.

Town of Salem 2 New Role: The Ritualist

The Ritualist is designed to deal with powerful individuals. Each night, the Ritualist can predict the role of a town member. If the prediction is correct, the victim will be instantly killed by an unstoppable attack.

However, if the prediction is incorrect, the Ritualist’s role is immediately revealed to all players. Use this role to force a player to reveal their role as a defense witness during a trial, then ensure their demise using that knowledge.

Town of Salem 2 New Role: The Voodoo Master

The Voodoo Master is obsessed with controlling information. Each night, this role can create a voodoo doll of another player, preventing them from chatting or whispering to other players during the following day cycle. This ability is extremely powerful, especially when used to hinder investigators who may have grown suspicious of fellow witches.

The same player cannot be targeted two nights in a row, so use this ability strategically to set up a kill on the next night. Remember that there are other means of communication, so coordinate with the Enchanter to eliminate their last will as well.

Town of Salem 2 New Role: The Death/Soul Collector

The Soul Collector, who transforms into Death, is the final new apocalyptic role. This role predicts which players will die each night and harvests their souls if the prediction is accurate. The Soul Collector also gains passive souls from the Underworld. After collecting six souls, the Soul Collector transforms into Death.

This victory condition is the most challenging for the apocalyptic characters to achieve, but the reward is an unstoppable attack on all living players on the night following the transformation. This means the townies have only one chance to lynch Death before the game ends.

Town of Salem 2 New Role: The Doomsayer

The Doomsayer takes foresight to a whole new level. Each night, this character attempts to predict the roles of three other players. This is a challenging task, especially considering it conflicts with several Coven abilities.

If the Doomsayer’s predictions are correct, they will instantly kill all three players and flee the village. This alternate victory condition is difficult to achieve but encourages the player to make bold accusations against innocent players.

Town of Salem 2 New Role: The Shroud

The Shroud is one of the most unique new roles in Town of Salem 2. Each night, this character can choose to attack or shroud another player. If the shrouded player leaves their house at night, they will appear as a dangerous visitor, raising suspicions among other potentially innocent targets. The Shroud can also deliver a basic astral attack to the host of the shrouded player, allowing them to kill from a distance while concealing their own identity.

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