Best Way to win iOS zero in BGMI: How to use this in 2022

win ios zero in BGMI: The win ios zero in BGMI is a third-part software tool specifically designed for the iPhone users available to bgmi users for earning in game advantages and benefits. This subscription pack comes up with a cost of 30$ year. Do you want to know more about the win ios zero BGMI?swipe down to know.

Every one is aware about enigma saggy controversy, a BGMI player who was recently in the news for wrong doings in the Tournament matches, he was caught for hacking and winning illegally. Ever since that all have been waiting to what’s this win iso zero BGMI and how to use it. This software tool allows a player to get certain match benefits, with which you can easily defeat your opponent.

As said these third-party software tools help you with lots of hacking skills, to win in the game. This can be acquired for 30$ per year. You can complete the payment transaction for this website via credit/debit card and also by PayPal too. As said by the hacker saggy this tool has lots of features, and he was caught using the name when iOS.

win ios zero in BGMI
win ios zero in BGMI

win ios zero in BGMI: How to use? What are the benefits? 

As said this win ios zero in BGMI is a software tool to help players win with extra advantage, by acquiring the in-game items for free which makes you kill your opponent easily, especially while playing in tournaments and other big matches. But the team of BGMI is working round the clock to expose illegal things which are not within the game rules, you have to be tentative while using these kinda tools. That too especially with, the recent shaggy controversy, you can expect more things like this.

Here are some of the acquisitions you might get while using this.

Wall hat



Only headshot

More Guns

Skin hacks


So with these items and loots, you are sure to defeat your opponent with ease. Besides all these, the win iOS zero bgmi has additional features too. As per apple, here are the features

Skin hacks

ESP hack

Fast lending

Ignore AL

Lock enemy

Guest ID

Device change

No recoil


Anti Ban menu

Bullet track

Magic bullet

These are the additional features, which you can use it. The hacker shaggy was in limelight for using the Esp hack tool , when the news came out it was revealed and he was progressing well too in the game.

Speaking about the player, enigma shaggy he was playing for bgmi eSports team regularly, he was a top class tier 1 player but it could only last for a limited time. As soon as the BGMI team found him of this, he was hesitant to accept it. As it might bring lots of issues to him. And with much expectations, he was banned from playing further and won’t be able to Join any team anymore.

win ios zero in BGMI
win ios zero in BGMI

win ios zero in BGMI

With the details shared above, this win ios zero in BGMI software tool from apple fan be purchased at a rate of 30$ per year. With comes in with lots of benefits to the users. But the thing is these are not legal at all and not approved by the BGMI team too. So we would advise you to use it at your own risk and benefit. Hence, this is not advisable to use. As any team, you might be found guilty by breaching the rules and regulations of the game. Because any day, fairplaying of game is a must and if you violate the rules, you will be terminated immediately without any further effects.


In this article we have shared about the win iOS zero bgmi software tool and its benefits. You can use it at your own risk and win. We will be back with the next article soon. Stay tuned to us for more exclusive contents and updates.

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