Is BGMI Available on Play Store: New Play Store Link!

Is BGMI available on play store yet? BGMI has finally been unbanned officially as Krafton launched the massive battle royale game for all Android users right now in India.

Today on May 29th, 2023, Krafton has unexpectedly and surprisingly relaunched BGMI for all Google Play users in the Indian regions and servers right now today.

But many users and gamers across India are unable to download the BGMI game right now too. Here’s how to easily download BGMI on Google Play Store for Android mobile devices in India.

Is BGMI available on Play Store

Is BGMI Available on Play Store – Check out the New Play Store Link!

BGMI is now available in Google Play Store right now. But some are not able to download the game on Play Store as they are also not able to find the app on the Google Play Store currently.

But here’s the link for BGMI app. You can either download and install BGMI from Google Play Store for Android through this link. Else, you can go with the APK download file for BGMI for both Android and iOS mobile too.

That’s the only way to download BGMI on Google Play Store right now in India. You can also use the VPN apps if you are unable to download BGMI from Google Play Store too. Here’s the BGMI official Google Play Store app link too,

Now, that’s it guys, you can start playing the game which has returned back to Indian territory almost after a year too. BGMI is an emotion for all Indian fans and gamers too.

All BGMI players and users can begin playing the game freshly. You also need to check whether if BGMI can be continued from last saved date and progress. As the last saved date files for BGMI might only appear for some alone, but the rest can continue to play the game from a new perspective too.

How did BGMI return to Google Play Store in India? 

Is BGMI available on Play Store

Ever since Indian government banned the BGMI game, Krafton has been pleading with the officials and authorities. The official authority from the Indian government has finally given a go and green signal to BGMI for India.

The entire ban for BGMI in India was only because of and due to the game’s developers association with the Chinese developers. This has prompted the Indian government to block the game from Google Play Store in India.

BGMI got banned in India in July 2022 and finally the game has seen limelight and Indian BGMI fans are also Rejoicing over these exclusive news as well. Play the game from the given links, else you can also directly find BGMI app on the Google Play Store.


BGMI app official links for Android in India are shared here at GA. BGMI is finally back, play the masterpiece game and keep breaking new records too. The game will also come for iPhone and other iOS devices as well.

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