BGMI 2.6 Pre registration Guide- Easy Steps and Information!

BGMI 2.6 Pre Registration is on? After getting banned for a year, BGMI is back to the Indian servers and now you can all play the game as usual. Here’s all about the BGMI 2.6 registration process and steps in our GA guide.

Krafton has already launched Battlegrounds Mobile India to the Google Play Store officially. Earlier there were also problems like players couldn’t connect to the servers and download BGMI as well. But right now, everything seems to be solved as well.

Currently, you can all focus on pre-registration for BGMI 2.6 version app and apk to get all new exclusive rewards and content officially. Doing BGMI 2.6 registration process is a mandatory one for getting access to all in-game content and features. This will only help you continue your progress in the game as well.

BGMI 2.6 Pre registration – All Steps and Information! 

BGMI 2.0 pre registration

Completing the BGMI 2.6 pre registration will help you all unlock all new rewards and cosmetics in the game. In the same way, you are also saving all your BGMI progress as well.  BGMI progress is a must to kickstart your successful journey in the game too as well.

Some players are unable to continue with their BGMI progress till now, this makes it harder for them to begin from the start. But BGMI 2.6 pre-registration process completion will help you save and restore everything as well.

BGMI 2.6 Pre Registration

The process to complete BGMI 2.6 pre-registration is the same, you can all simply download the apk and app from Google Play Store to complete the procedures and formalities easily.

The BGMI pre-registration for 2.6 app and apk has some simple procedure and formality, you just need to input all your credentials and then it will be exclusively available and done. Then you can start playing all battles of BGMI easily too.

The good news is that BGMI is also back for App Store and iPhone and iOS users can play the game too. BGMI will be rocking like just it used to be before last year till 2023. You can also complete your BGMI 2.6 pre registration on the website link as well, here’s the link for the same too.


That’s everything about the BGMI  Pre-registration process steps and guides in our Gaming Acharya end. Stay tuned for more BGMI leaks and updates here.

Play BGMI and continue your massive journey in the game sooner than expected too. BGMI has come up with same features and content just like it was until last year as well.

BGMI has unbelievable features and content. You play against 99 others on the battlefield arena and use your weapons and guns to kill them. The last man standing will be the winner and sole survivor as well too.

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