Apple ID For BGMI 2.5 Download: Download BGMI in iPhone?

What’s Apple ID For BGMI 2.5 Download update? As BGMI 2.5 is not coming out any time yet, but good news for BGMI Indian players with iPhone and iOS devices after BGMI ban India in 2022.

With BGMI and Krafton not in any idea of releasing the 2.5 update version of the game either on the website or through other ways, Indian BGMI fans are finding cues to download the BGMI 2.5 patch update through other links and websites.

There’s been a rumor going on that BGMI is possible to be played on iPhone and other iOS devices after its ban in India in 2022, many YouTube channels are even sharing their videos to install and download BGMI now.

Apple ID For BGMI 2.5 Download – How to Download BGMI on iPhone and iOS?

Apple ID For BGMI 2.5 Download

Just with an Apple ID some BGMI players claim that it’s very much possible to download BGMI on iPhone and other iOS devices easily now after the BGMI ban in 2022.

But for an apple ID one must pay a hefty price, some BGMI YouTubers are giving their Apple ID, but not for free, you must pay around 250-300 rupees or even more than that to get their Apple ID to play BGMI officially on your iPhone and iOS mobiles.

To Install BGMI in iPhone use below link, open the below link in your new iOS device to install BGMI in iPhone device:

In case you have installed BGMI in past on your iPhone and somehow deleted it but now wants to install it again then you can follow below steps simply to install it:

– Open App Store, then goto My Purchases there you will find BGMI to install. This is tested and working.

Some claim that apple id for BGMI update download is completely fake and rumor, but the YouTubers proclaim that’s not spam or click bait or fake or rumor about this BGMI apple ID download.

If you wish to try out the Apple ID feature for BGMI 2.5 Download for your iPhone and iOS devices, pay those YouTubers to get their Apple ID exclusively and try your luck at downloading BGMI 2.5 update for iPhone and iOS.

More on Apple ID for BGMI 2.5 Download Update 2.5!

Whether these Apple ID BGMI concepts are true or fake is set to be seen, but one thing is sure none of the iOS and iPhone users will be able to download BGMI 2.5 update by any means even with the Apple ID subscription pack,

as Krafton itself has to roll out the official BGMI 2.5 updates which are definitely not possible for now as Krafton is only interested right now to release the BGMI 2.3 update patch version directly to both Android and iPhone BGMI Indian players and gamers from November 2022 officially.

Apple ID For BGMI Download

What are the Other Ways to Download BGMI for iPhone and iOS?

If the Apple ID For BGMI 2.5 Download feature doesn’t work at all, then all the iPhone and iOS BGMI players can download BGMI apk only through websites and third-party links,

the links to download BGMI 2.5 apk also with the OBB file for both iPhone and iOS, and also for Android has already been shared at out GA handle, check it out all.

Hopefully, Krafton somehow finds a way to reinstate BGMI for all the Indian hardcore fans after the ban and removal of BGMI app in India in July 2022.


That’s all about Apple ID For BGMI 2.5 Download and more on BGMI for iPhone and iOS users in Gaming Acharya. Don’t fall prey to fake BGMI YouTubers tricks and clickbait, make sure to cross-check for Apple ID to download BGMI and then proceed to pay them.

Hopefully, more ways and options to download BGMI for iPhone will come up in the future, we will check out all the possible ways and links to download BGMI for Android, iPhone, and iOS players in India 2022 after the BGMI ban.

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