BGMI Relaunch Date and Time – Know Everything Here! #1

Bgmi Relaunch date and time announced? The most expected news from BGMI team has been out. Yes, BGMI is officially returning back to Play Store and App Store.

BGMI team has posted the official news on their Instagram handle and also further confirmed that BGMI will be available for download soon in India. You can download and play BGMI most probably in the second half of 2023 too.

Krafton has also expressed their gratitude and thanked the Indian authorities and government for revoking the ban on BGMI. So now, BGMI is officially unbanned in May 2023. More leaks and updates about BGMI re-launch date, time servers, steps to download are here.

BGMI Relaunch Date and Time – Know Everything Here! #1

BGMI 2.0 app is coming soon to playstore and app store. Players can finally witness their favourite Battle royale game on action after one year. Bgmi is always special.

But whether you can download your old files and resume BGMI from where you left are yet to be seen too. BGMI new and latest release date after unban is coming sooner than expected.

After the news arrives, you can all expect more details about BGMI 2.0 in India. You can download and install BGMI as you did in 2022. But, let’s wait and watch whether everyone can restore their progress in BGMI new app.

Everyone loves to play BGMI from their last saved progression. But this is completely in the hands of Krafton right now. Hopefully BGMI release date and latest leaks will also come sooner than expected too.

But right now, the only confirmed news is BGMI is re releasing soon. The BGMI re-launch release date for indian servers is coming in the next week too. You can find the BGMI release date and time in the same notice of Krafton too.

BGMI Relaunch Date

BGMI Unban – How it Happened?

Krafton officials have been constantly negotiating with the team of Indian authorities and Indian government too. Finally, the Indian government has given a nod and green signal for BGMI unban.

Krafton thanked them as BGMI ban is finally over now officially in India. BGMI 2.0 re-launch release date will be coming out sooner than expected. You can also find the BGMI relaunch time on the same too. More information about BGMI updates, file size, app size, and other things will also come out sooner than expected too.

Keep your fingers crossed for more new BGMI news and updates. BGMI Relaunch time for all servers will be officially out once Krafton announces the official BGMI Relaunch date and time on their social media platforms.

Follow them on Instagram and Facebook for more BGMI release date updates and leaks for 2023. Bgmi Release date will be around somewhere between May or June 2023 too.

So guys, these are the latest BGMI relaunch release date leaks and time updates too. Stay tuned for more exclusive Gaming Acharya updates and Esports updates here always.

BGMI relaunch date



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