KartRider Drift Update 1.06 Patch Notes 2023

The latest KartRider Drift update 1.06 information for PC and Switch have been revealed. The official KartRider Drift patch notes have yet to be released. Already, the season 2 update added new characters as well as personal satisfaction upgrades and bug fixes. Following its great reception upon debut, players noticed many difficulties after applying the Dredge patch, including a blank screen, sprint bug, excessive temperature, and audio issues. 

KartRider Drift Update 1.06 Patch Notes 2023

KartRider Drift Update 1.06 New Karts

The KartRider Drift update 1.06 delivered today tries to address a portion of these issues. Here are some further details regarding the upgrade. On May 11, 2023, KartRider Drift Update 1.06 was published. This version contains several new features and modifications. This item causes a massive explosion that destroys all of the karts in the vicinity. Here’s a breakdown of the changes in KartRider Drift Update 1.06:

  • New Karts: The game now includes three new karts: the Dragon Kart, the Unicorn Kart, and the Yeti Kart.
  • New Tracks: The game now includes two new tracks: the Dragon Trail and the Unicorn Trail.
  • New Modes: “Team Battle” is a new mode that has been introduced to the game. In this mode, two groups of four players battle to see who can cross the end goal first.
  • New equipment: A variety of new equipment, including the Super Shield, Super Boost, and Super Bomb, have been introduced to the game.
  • Bug Fixes: This release contains a variety of bug fixes.

KartRider Drift Update 1.06 Patch Notes 2023

KartRider Drift Update 1.06 Bug Fixes

This course is situated in a dragon-themed atmosphere and includes several difficult curves and hazards. It’s a long and grueling trail, but it’s also quite satisfying when you finish it. This track is situated in a unicorn-themed world and includes some lovely landscapes. It’s a shorter and simpler track to race on than Dragon Trail, but it’s still a lot of fun. This item temporarily increases the speed of your kart. It’s a terrific technique to catch up with or escape from the group. 

  • Dragon Kart: Based like a dragon, this kart is touted to be the quickest in the game. Although it has a high peak speed and acceleration, it is not as nimble as other karts.
  • Unicorn Kart: Based on a unicorn, this kart is considered to be the most nimble in the game. It boasts an excellent top speed, acceleration, and maneuverability.
  • Sasquatch Kart: In light of a sasquatch, this kart should be the strongest in the game. It has a high peak speed and acceleration, and it can withstand significant damage.

KartRider Drift Update 1.06 New Modes

In this mode, two teams of four players fight to see who can cross the finish line first. The match is won by the first team to cross the finish line. Group Fight is a phenomenal method for investing energy with loved ones, and it’s likewise loads of enjoyable to play on the web. This item forms a barrier around your kart, protecting it from harm. It’s great equipment to have, especially when racing against other people. It is a tremendously strong gadget, but it is also quite dangerous to use. This version has resolved a variety of problems, including:

  • When participants attempted to join a match, the game crashed.
  • An issue led gamers to lose progress while switching to a new device.
  • When there were too many participants in a match, a glitch caused the game to slow. 
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