Star Citizen Update 3.19 Patch Notes

The Star Citizen Update 3.19 Patch Notes has been published, which is currently available for testing! VERSION 3.19.0-PTU.8477529. should now appear. It is strongly advised that after updating, players remove their USER and Shader files for the Public client, especially if you begin experiencing strange character graphics difficulties or a crash on loading. The USER folder is located (by default) in C:Program FilesRoberts Space Industries Star Citizen Update 3.19 PTU. C: Users %username% AppData LocalStar Citizen contains the Shader folders.

Star Citizen Update 3.19 Patch Notes

  • All backers make up the audience.
  • Yes, the database has been reset.
  • Enabled Long-Term Persistence
  • Enabled Pledge Copy 

Star Citizen Update 3.19 Patch Notes

This release includes more logging to help us follow up on certain leads we have about players being invisible to others. Let’s what is in Star Citizen Update 3.19:

  • Performance and general stability
  • AI FPS Combat Enhancements
  • Skyline of Lorville 2.0
  • Contract Rescue Missions
  • Tractor Beam – T0.5 – Attaching and Detaching Items
  • PVP Mission: Ghost Hollow Reclaimer
  • Mission Density Control
  • v01 Mining Balancing
  • Experience as a New Player

Star Citizen Update 3.19 Testing Focus

  • Collisions with unseen asteroids can cause ships to explode.
  • During the travel in Lorville, art elements will be clipped through the Train.
  • The Lorville hospital’s entryway has a significant Visarea problem.
  • Sustenance goods do not have a “Store” option while carried in Inner Thoughts.
  • When Quantum Linking together, players cannot see other players’ spacecraft.
  • Front End – Companions/Party Component – Fundamental Menu – When the Party Chief opens the game to PU, the party part is gotten back to the Primary Menu.
  • Multilocation – Areas/Shopping/Communications – The “Utilization” connection point and Associations of Drug store booth terminals are skewed.
  • Transportation force – Weapon Element/Game Code In the event that you actuate the transportation force at the shed, you might bring it back and use it in the truce zone.
  • Aegis Reclaimer – Boats/Vehicles – Boat Highlights – There is no back Lift contact from the boat outside on the Reclaimer.
  • ARGO MOLE – Vehicles/UI – The connection prompts for ALL mining turrets are barely noticeable/in awkward situations for players.
  • Vehicles / Locations – CNOU HoverQuad The truck appears to be trapped in the earth.
  • Multivehicle UI/Vehicles/Mining UI shows up in Low Goal.
  • Racing – Venues – Some players can see particular rock formations on the Yadar Valley race course while others cannot.

Star Citizen Update 3.19 Patch Notes

  • Crusader – Security Station Kareah – Center Tech – Material science – Entertainer/Player – Moving from EVA to Kareah’s arrival cushions has a critical chance of killing the player rapidly.
  • Travel – Area18 – Orison – Transports/Trains/Cable cars – Players are plunging to their destruction through sometimes evaporating cable cars and transports.
  • Multivariate RSI Star grouping – Vehicles/Boats/Mooring – The reprimand contender needs association prompts, delivering it pointless.
  • Locations include ArcCorp, Crusader, Area18, Orison, Core Tech, and Transit Systems. Cable cars are in conflict with station clocks, making cable cars cross-over or neglect to show up on time.
  • Shopping – Multi Location/Multi Vehicle – Store kiosks will not fill locations if specific ships are kept.
  • Multitool – Star Citizen Update 3.19 – The Rescue connection has the transportation force VFX however doesn’t work.
  • Kareah Security Post – Mission Content / Art – VisArea – Contraband displays have a visarea problem.
  • Yela, Grim Hex, Mission Giver, AI, and Missions Wallace Klim become trapped beneath the floor near the hangars after being streamed out and back in.

Star Citizen Update 3.19 Bug Fixes

  • Fixed – Vehicles – Miscellaneous Prospector – Repair / Rearm – Saddlebags not restored after being damaged during repair
  • Missions – Salvage Contracts / Legal – Multiple Salvage claims will appear nearby or in the same exact spot.
  • Design / User Interface – Tutorial Text overlays are included with HUD and might be difficult to read.
  • Drake Dragonfly – ALL Variants – Vehicles / Animation – The exit animation for the Drake Dragonfly series ships is broken and will not play. 
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