May 16 Fortnite v24.40 Update Latest

May 16 Fortnite v24.40 Update is having one of its greatest moments in recent memory, as the new season features a ton of stuff for players to check out. We don’t have many fixes passed on now that the season is coming to a nearby. We’re currently preparing for the brand new update for the new season, and we’ll go over everything we know about Fortnite Fortnite V24.40. The most recent Fortnite update is supposed to be delivered on May sixteenth at 9 a.m. GMT. However, considering that earthquakes can be felt at specific POIs on the island. 

May 16 Fortnite v24.40 Update

May 16 Fortnite v24.40 Update

During the Fortnite x Star Wars partnership update (v24.40), leakers/data miners discovered a treasure trove of material that has yet to be introduced to the game. These highlighted Power Powers, plot improvements, Organization Journeys, and a formerly heard voiceline. Ruler Palatine expressed it in Star Wars: Vengeance of the Sith, and it expresses something like this: “The second has shown up. “Complete Order 66.” The following are the file sizes for the latest Fortnite update:

  • PS4 – TBD
  • PS5 – TBD
  • PC – TBD

At the point when Request 66 is given in-game, Clone Officers on the island become antagonistic to players and will take shots at them immediately. They will not take any prisoners, and despite their poor accuracy, the DC-15 Blaster Rifle will deal significant damage. Nonetheless, players should practice alert while experiencing Clone Officers, and it is smarter to bring them down from a good ways using the Weighty Marksman Rifle.

Fortnite v24.40 Update & Release Date May 16 

According to information provided by leakers/data miners, Epic Games did not add this voiceline at random. On the off chance that all goes as expected, Sovereign Palpatine will be heard in-game start with Request 66 sooner or later during the Fortnite x Star Wars organization. But what does this imply for the players, and will it result in a live event on the island? The following are the issues that are expected to be addressed in the future update:

May 16 Fortnite v24.40 Update

  • The Sparkle Specialist costume is not flashy or reflective.
  • Sarah Connor has a stretched face in her Resistance Leader look.
  • Players can’t get the Inner consciousness Exile back bling.
  • The sub mode selection screen may be blank.
  • Banners for the School of Llama are missing or grayed out.
  • Augment “Shadow Strike” is temporarily deactivated.
  • The description of the “Icy Slide” Augment is wrong.
  • Peely’s Plunder might lead to wealth in otherwise unreachable locations.
  • The Save Device has the potential to reset player scores and other metrics.
  • In the color swap game mode, tiles might become invisible. 
  • Some devices may be capped to 60 FPS despite selecting 90 FPS

Although heavy-ammo is difficult to get, it is the safest alternative available. Another choice is to rush into the conflict with a Motor Cutting edge or Lightsaber/Power and beat them at short proximity. With over a month until the beginning of Fortnite Part 4 Season 3, there are a ton of questions. However, after the Fortnite v24.40 Update goes live on May 16 Fortnite v24.40 Update, leakers/data-miners should have a clearer view of what’s to come. 

Darth Vader, in addition to hostile Clone Troopers, will make a return to the island. This Boss NPC, according to leakers/data miners, will come on the island around May 13, 2023. This is most likely to coincide with the implementation of Order 66. Once this occurs, gamers will be able to challenge the Sith Lord for possession of his famous Lightsaber. Aside from these two events, there is currently no information available about an impending live event. 

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