Core Keeper Update Patch Notes

Core Keeper Update Patch Notes are out. The early access version game has been going good. Check out all new Patch update notes for Core Keeper in May 2023 here right now.

Plenty of bug fixes have been done in the Core Keeper latest patch update. Now you can experience a seamless experience too.  Every patch update does only this.

Server issues, disconnected, and more problems have also been sorted out for Core Keeper patch update right now. Check all new Core Keeper Update Patch Notes here now.

Core Keeper Update Patch Notes

  • Once you place any rotated Gold-edged Table that results in the sun to make a visit in players, this error is now fixed.
  • Game’s player connects standing on a pressure plate is also sorted now. So you can easily complete certain missions too.
  • Playing an invalid instrument is sorted too. Once navigating in a cook book UI using a controller is buffed as well too.
  • Soul Seeker at times will vanish if he tries to swap back and place a torch has been fixed too again .

These are all the new patch notes for Core Keeper game and this will also give you all an enhanced experience too. Play the game without any technical bugs or issues too.

Play the game until its full version of the game releases too. The game has been outstanding in all aspects and means. Core Keeper has code features and contents that never going to make a dull moment too.

Core Keeper Update Patch Notes


That’s all about the Core Keeper Update Patch Notes leaks from our GA end. All new patch update notes for Core Keeper are also shared here right now.

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About Core Keeper Game

Core Keeper is a sandbox survival adventure game from the developers named Pugstorm and Fireshine Games. This early access game has many similar features and gameplay mechanics to Minecraft and Terraria.

Your job is to craft and survive against all mighty monsters too. There’s also cooperative multiplayer mode in Core Keeper and you join with 7 more players here.

Private server options are also available for Core Keeper right now. Core Chamber is the biome location where your journey begins too. This dark area has monstrous enemies spawning too.

Destroy all dirt and mine resources from all possible locations by exploring them. Eat food to avoid starving and losing hunger bar points.

You can even customize your characters and their looks in Core Keeper inventory vanity slots right now.

Core Keeper early access for Windows was already live. More platforms like Linux will also get access too to this massive sandbox exploration game.

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