GTA 6 New Leaks – Release Date, Gameplay, Trailer, and More

New GTA 6 Leaks – Ever since the last leaks of GTA 6 came out, players have been just waiting for the game’s launch. Check all new updates and rumors regarding the release date, updates, trailer, and more of GTA 6 here in GA now.

First GTA 6 was expected to be launched in 2021, 2022, then in May 2023, right now it’s being planned for 2024 release too. But we are also unsure if the GTA 6 game will officially release in 2024 or even GTA 6 release date could also be in 2025.

New GTA 6 Leaks

GTA 6 Leaks for May 2023 and June 2023 are also there. But the official GTA VI release date will only come later from the team of Rockstar games too.

GTA 6 New Leaks – Release Date, Gameplay, Trailer, and More 

New GTA 6 Leaks

GTA 6 release date is only in 2024. But there’s also news that the this franchise of Grand Theft Auto might even release in 2024 too. So a confirmed release date for Grand Theft Auto 6 is expected only in the later half of 2023 too.

Grand Theft Auto 6 has been code named and given a code name as Project Americas. There’s also talk that GTA 6 is titled as Grand Theft Auto VI(CE) City. GTA 6 is exactly not GTA Vice City too.

Earlier the 90 minute footage video in September 2022 showcased GTA 6 Leaks and the game would be taking place in and around Miami.

The game will also have many similarities and backdrops like GTA Vice City too. GTA 6 will also have a Latin Female girl as its main protagonist too. So, a female lead hero or heroine is going to rock in the Grand Theft Auto Season 6 too.

Another leaks for GTA 6 in May 2023 are also out. Here cops wear GTA Vice City themed uniform outfits in the locations of GTA 6 too. Let’s wait for more official exclusive updates on GTA 6 release date, name, and trailer.

A new exclusive Grand Theft Auto Season 6 release date trailer is expected too sooner. The team of Rockstar Games will also share more exclusive updates on the GTA 6 official trailer release date updates too. Till then you can all wait for Grand Theft Auto 6 Trailer date and trailer sooner from our GA end here too.


That’s a wrap for New GTA 6 Leaks and updates here. As all new GTA 6 release date updates and rumors with leaks are here. We shall post the official GTA 6 release date here sooner too. GTA 6 release date leaks are surfing already on the internet, but don’t believe those too.

We urge you to not believe any fake news or leaks regarding the GTA 6 official release date leaks and rumors updates. The  GTA 6 release date updates will officially arrive at the right time too sooner from us and Rockstar Games too.

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