Fortnite Venator Star Destroyer Update: All You Need To Know!

Fortnite Venator Star Destroyer: Today, the second part of the Star Wars event has begun. Now we can complete the beginning. The Clone Wars have quests, but there is one catch. First, we need to complete at least 12 “The Force Within’ quests in Fortnite. And when we play a new match of Fortnite Battle Royale, we can now find these three new star destroyers in the sky.

And when looking at them we will hear different sounds. We can also see them when you are on spawn island. We will see lot more in this article, all about the Fortnite Venator Star Destroyer, how to complete the Begun the clone wars have quest. And also how to complete the Force within quest, we will try to clear all the dought and queries in this post, so stay tuned.

Fortnite Venator Star Destroyer

What Is Begun The Clone Wars Have Quest In Frotnite And How To Complete It?

The Begun The Clone Wars Have quest is available now and it will end by 23, May, 2023. This quest are the set of 12 star wars themed quest which include various challenges. To complete Begun The Clone Wars Have quest we have to complete challenges like:

  • Visiting Clone Trooper Checkpoints.
  • Obtaining a DC-15 Blaster in different matches.
  • Force jumping onto or off of objects.

We have to complete all this challenge in Fortnite Venator Star Destoyer Event. But before going to this the Begun The Clone Wars Have Quest we have to complete the 12 Challenges of Force Within Quests. Because we can’t be able to in if we not able to complete the quest. In this there are all 12 Challenges. We will discuss in the next paragraph.

Fortnite Venator Star Destroyer

How To Complete Force Within Quests To Get zin Fortnite Venator Star Event?

As I said earlier, to be part of Fortnite Venator Star Destoyer and explore the Begun The Clone Wars Have quest, we need to finish the Force Within quest. The Find the Force event in Fortnite features a series of quests called The Force Within Quests. They include exploring a Republic Chest five times, mastering three Force skills, and more.

By completing these tasks, we can receive special cosmetics and galactic reputation as prizes. We can find lightsabers, Force abilities, and DC-15 Blasters all across the map as part of the partnership between Fortnite and Star Wars. The 12 set of challenges in the Force within quest is given below:

  1. During the Find the Force event, land five times.
  2. In various matches at Rift Gates, learn three Force skills.
  3. Look through a Republic chest.
  4. Hire a character.
  5. Damage an opponent player who is carrying a DC-15 Blaster or lightsaber.
  6. 50 items must be destroyed using Force powers or Star Wars weapons.
  7. At the cited locations, gather 250 ammunition.
  8. Launch a Star Wars weapon at 2 Kinetic Ore.
  9. 500 miles can be covered on foot at night.
  10. Drive a vehicle 1,138 miles.
  11. 25 times through Storm Phases.
  12. Sprint for one thousand metres.

This are the changes we need to complete so cimpi it first then go to complete the Begun The Clone Wars Have quest in Fortnite Venator Star Destoyer Update.

FQAs :-

  • What are the challenges in the Begun The Clone Wars Have quest?

As part of the Begin The Clone Wars Have mission, you must visit Clone Trooper Checkpoints, participate in various matches to win a DC-15 Blaster, and force leap on or off of objects.

  • What is the deadline for completing the Begun The Clone Wars Have quest?

The Begun The Clone Wars Have task must be finished before May 23, 2023.

  • What is the Force Within quest, and why do we need to complete it?

Before we may take part in the Begun The Clone Wars Have mission, we must finish a series of tasks called The Force Within. The 12 tasks for the Force Within quest include learning three Force skills, exploring a Republic Chest five times, and more.

  • What rewards can we receive by completing the Force Within quest?

We can win specialised cosmetics and stellar renown by finishing the Force Within quest. On the map, we may also locate lightsabers, Force powers, and DC-15 Blasters.

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