Ragnarok Origin Mage Leveling Guide 2023

This article will walk you through the leveling process for the high mage in Ragnarok Origin Mage Leveling Guide. Participants should follow the rules to have a better understanding of the game. You no longer accept quests. We recommend that you hunt mandragora and use at least level 6 fireball. What gamers will appreciate about the mage is their massive AOE abilities, which you should take advantage of. It will assist Ragnarok Origin Mage Leveling Guide players level up. The essential material for level 50 thorn staff may be obtained from Rotar Cairo. 

Ragnarok Origin Mage Leveling Guide 2023

What’s more, Rotar Zairo is a level 55 beast. As per the film, you host a get-together that will likewise pursue Rotar Zairo. At level 55, you can start the journey for Beru’s center and endeavor to acquire the toxic substance swamp center or the entanglement center. When you use the quagmire talent, you will simply receive a debuff; however, if you wear the poison swamp core, you will receive extra damage. Be that as it may, on the off chance that you honey animals 1 to 10 levels higher than your ongoing level, you can acquire 110 XP.

Ragnarok Origin Mage Leveling Guide

Day 1 (Ragnarok Origin Mage Leveling Guide): Simply accomplish all of the primary tasks on your first day. Follow all of the instructions and lessons until you reach level 30. You will also see a green indicator beside your HP. The symbol represents the game’s fighting or battle time. Consistently, you can use 120 minutes or 2 hours to step up your personality.

Day 2 (Ragnarok Origin Mage Leveling Guide): On day two, you may finally switch occupations to mage, and we recommend that you seek Muka. After you’ve used all your combat time, we recommend that you start looking for Rotar Zairo with Freya’s help. When you activate, you will not gain XP, but you will receive the item drop of the monster you are hunting. Also, that is the card by murdering or the material accessories.

Ragnarok Origin Mage Leveling Guide: Flora Grind

We recommend the apprentice mage outfit for armors. Combine it with a hood and buckler. Buckler is the most significant item in this tutorial, and you will see why in the following section. At the point when you arrive at level 45, you can chase greenery regardless of whether the beast is level 60. However, a level 10 meteor storm is required. Another point is that you can hunt that monster as long as it is not 16 levels higher than your present level. You can acquire 100 XP by hunting beasts 11 to 15 levels higher than your ongoing level.

Ragnarok Origin Mage Leveling Guide: Level 55-65

The Quagmire core is significant because it will teach us the veteran method of how a high mage utilizing this combo may have the talent of passive luring effect. This is why a player is required to build Buckler since it has a 5% chance of triggering Kyrie Ellison automatically. A player may finish this quest with enough practice. The level 60 to 65 veteran grind is identical to the one described before. Only the location, which is at Payon, changes. 

Ragnarok Origin Mage Leveling Guide 2023

Ragnarok Origin Mage Leveling Guide: Level 70- 80 

The Thorn Staff weapon is required at level 70. You may finally change jobs to high mage at level 70, and you should also get your level 70 weapon Thorn staff. Continue to the next grinding location, which will be on the second floor of the Geffen Tower. You can also select a location in the Geffen Field, but you must have a level 10 stonehenge. After grinding, concentrate on the next material required, the Sprint set. It is for the suggestion at level 80. 

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