Honkai Star Rail Xianzhou Luofu Trading Quest 2023

This guide will walk you through the process of obtaining the Honkai Star Rail Xianzhou Luofu Trading Quest, a Japanese-style role-playing game that was launched for Windows and mobile platforms on April 26, 2023. The popularity of the game may be ascribed to its broad character roster, which players can acquire and level up. Players may enjoy an exciting gaming experience by selecting up to four characters for turn-based battle. Furthermore, the game includes open-world and dungeon exploration elements that provide players with a fully immersive game world.

Honkai Star Rail Xianzhou Luofu Trading Quest 2023

During our travels with Honkai, we visited several worlds, including Star Rail, particularly Honkai Star Rail Xianzhou Luofu Trading Quest has a great number of tasks, making it tough to remember which ones you need to complete in order to advance the story. Many contestants will be able to reach the Xianzhou Luofu without their knowledge. To achieve the Terminated task, you should initially venture out to Honkai Star Rail Xianzhou Luofu Trading Quest.

Honkai Star Rail Xianzhou Luofu Trading Quest

Once there, proceed to Central Star Skiff Haven, where you will be greeted by Tantan shortly after walking across a bridge. Tantan will be accessible to work with you after you begin the assignment. He wants assistance in keeping a watch on the passing Starskiffs. However, this job entails much more than being a well-known traffic cop. Participants who have completed Daily Missions or other missions may be asking how to earn The Xianzhou Luofu.

  • Attain Trailblazer level 29 and complete the main missions along the way.
  • The Xianzhou Luofu might be gotten by completing the task A Greeting Without Proffer in Honkai: Star Rail.

Since the assignment expected to acquire The Xianzhou Luofu is so self-evident, gamers oftentimes battle in the Trailblazer level area. If you’re only a few levels short, you may read our guide on how to advance in Trailblaze in Honkai: Star Rail and improve your skill level. For those who desire to simplify their gameplay, the Honkai: Star Rail combat pass is an alternative. The premium edition of the battle pass includes more high-quality resources, which is always advantageous.

Honkai Star Rail Xianzhou Luofu Trading Quest 2023

Some Other Important Honkai Star Rail Quest

When An Offer without Proffer is launched, players must travel to Pom-Pom to begin the cutscene. The task will then lead the path since everyone must interact with Himeko as well as other characters. Gamers will actually want to go further into The Xianzhou Luofu in ensuing undertakings, and the planet will show up on the chose show. To complete the Fired quest in Honkai, you must do the following: Star Rail: 

  • Tantan will begin by inquiring whether any white traveler Starskiffs have passed by. 
  • In this case, the answer is 3.
  • While doing your testing, you will have an accident. 
  • It is now necessary to take urgent action in order to pinpoint the problem. 
  • You’ll be entrusted with assisting a character named Mei in locating all of her scattered notes while doing so.
  • You’ll then return to Starskiff Haven to chat with someone named Luhui, after which you’ll be able to return Mei’s writings.
  • So, which of the Starskiffs in this photograph is the troublesome Starskiff? 
  • You must reply to the following question. 
  • The answer is the third item from the left.
  • Go to Stargazer Nevalia to discuss this further with Tantan. 
  • You’ll notice an envious guy skulking there.
  • Surprise, he was the one who caused the accident, and we have to deal with him. 
  • When he asks you to surprise him with one of the pieces of evidence, show him the image of the Starskiff.
  • He won’t try to run since he has somewhere to go; instead, he’ll battle you to vanquish his opponents, and Tantan will guide him away.
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