One Piece x Fortnite Collaboration: Confirm Release Date And Skins!

One Piece x Fortnite Collaboration Is that true? Or I am hearing false news from other sites. One Piece is likely the best and longest-running animation of all time in the world of manga. Even the filler is interesting and connected to every part of the episode; if you skip some of it, you will miss the important part. Many of you agree with me, I think.

But when I heard that One Piece x Fortnite is going to happen, I was very excited about that. And can’t wait to use the skin of luffy in the Fortnite game. So in this article we will see is this rumour is true or not, Or if it is true then we will discuss what is the release date. And what character will going to come in the One Piece x Fortnite Collaboration. We will see all this point in this article.

One Piece x Fortnite

What Is The Release Date Of The One Piece x Fortnite Collaboration?

We cannot do anything about One Piece and Fortnite on our own. Because there is no official information about the collaboration. We only see some of the tweets and videos. I think One Piece x Fortnite will happen, and the release date will be June 4, 2023.

Because Chapter 4 of Season 3 is going to happen next month, surely Fortnite will collaborate with One Piece on the next chapter. As the collaboration has not been officially confirmed by Epic Games, therefore it is required not to forget that these are simply rumours.

One Piece x Fortnite

A Jungle/Tropical biome in the coming season, according to Fortnite leaker HYPEX, would be a suitable fit for a One Piece x Fortnite. If the collaboration is taking place, fans must wait for an official statement from Epic Games for tye release date.

What Characters Will Include In The One Piece x Fortnite Collaboration?

As a huge fan of One Piece, I want all the Straw Hat Crew members to be included in the collaboration. But in the tweet I saw, there are Luffy, Zoro, Sanji, Usap, and Nami. Zoro the Hell King is the favourite character of many One Piece fans; he is a very loved character by everyone.

As he is the right hand of Luffy and the most trusted crew member of Strew Hat. Sanji, on the other hand, is the left hand of Luffy; they both have to be included in the collaboration. But the collaboration has not yet received an official confirmation from Epic Games, thus it is still only a rumour.

One Piece x Fortnite

Fans can expect that the Epic Games will feature some of the well-known One Piece anime series characters. The cooperation may also result in brand-new One Piece-themed in-game skins, emotes, and other goodies.

Is the Rumour Of One Piece x Fortnite Collaboration is True Or Not?

About the rumour of the One Piece x Fortnite collaboration, there has been no official announcement that the collaboration could happen. But in the uncoming Netflix live action and Chapter 4 Season 3, there are chances that collaboration could happen in the Fortnite game.

But we cannot confirm the One Piece x Fortnite collaboration on our own; we have to wait for the official announcement. However, there are some leaks and rumours concerning the One Piece x Fortnite Collaboration, such as a mysterious tweet from Donald Mustard,The chief creative officer of Epic.

And the possibility of a Jungle/Tropical biome in the following season. Which would be a suitable fit for a One Piece collaboration. If the One piece x fortnite is taking place and when it will be launched, fans must wait for an official statement from Epic Games.

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