Fortnite Discord Quests – Guide #1

Fortnite discord quests are live through the new Fortnite x Star Wars collaboration for 2023. Here’s all about the Fortnite discord quests and its rewards too.

Discord x Fortnite x Star Wars has unveiled a new Quest. Epic Games has also decided to give away Coruscant’s Pride Wrap discord reward for all Fortnite players for completing these discord tasks too.

Fortnite discord quests

First of all, there are two discords quests that you can try out in any Fortnite official discord server channels too. You can also try another method which shall also be posted here below now.

Fortnite discord quests

Fortnite Discord Quests – Guide #1

You can first join any Fortnite official discord channel and then use your official epic games and discord channel links too. You can join based on your servers and regions for this particular Fortnite discord quest right now.

Now you have the tasks before you. This Fortnite discord tasks name is find the force discord quest right now as also a part of the Fortnite x Star Wars crossover 2023 events too.

This is what you should all be doing for Fortnite Star Wars Discord quests for 2023. Do this to collect the rewards too.

  • – You must reach top 10 position through the Fortnite Battle Royale or Zero Build modes too (Solo, Duos, Trios, or Squads)
  • – Then you must make sure to spend around 15 minutes on voice chat on the Discord server channel in any Voice Channel that has also included the Find the Force Discord Quest Bot installed on it officially too

Then you should be able to unlock the Fortnite Coruscant’s Pride Wrap discord rewards too. The another method is,

You can all share your Fortnite screen on discord with one of your Fortnite friends too. This can be done and you can stream it live for around 15 minutes to grab the Coruscant’s Pride Wrap too. That’s how you can all complete the Fortnite x Star Wars Discord quests and earn the exclusive discord wrap rewards too.

Fortnite discord Star Wars quests will only be live till May 22nd, 2023 and then you can all also complete the other remaining Star Wars quests too quickly.


Fortnite Discord Quests guide in GA is done now. Complete all Fortnite x Star Wars quests and earn unlimited rewards too.

Stay tuned to GA for more exclusive Fortnite x Star Wars leaks and updates. Share your comments in the comment box below here. Accomplish all quests to get all new Star Wars rewards and cosmetics too. Stay tuned to us for more E-Sports and video games exclusive news and leaks here.

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