9 New Cookie Run Kingdom Codes are here!

9 New Cookie Run Kingdom Codes: If you play Cookie Run Kingdom game, you’ve probably needed its code at some point. So today I am going to tell you which code you can use.

By using this code you can take many crystals so let’s start without any delay in this article below I will also give you some code using which you can also take crystals.

What Is Cookie Run Kingdom Crystal

Friends Cookie Run Kingdom has its own coin which we call crystal, by applying to redeem the code you can earn Crystals, Treasure Tickets, Speed Up, Magic Cookie Cutter, Special Cookie Cutter, EXP, Star Jelly, Rainbow Cubes, and many more prizes. So if you see that this is a type of coin that uses cookie run kingdom game you can buy it too.

New Cookie Run Kingdom Codes
New Cookie Run Kingdom Codes

New Cookie Run Kingdom Codes

So if you want to take any of these games from them i.e. from Crystal, then you have to take their premium subscription for this. If your budget is not enough that you can take its premium subscription or buy any coins, then I am telling you below in an important redeem code for you, using which you can get their coins crystal for free.

How to Get New Cookie Run Kingdom Codes

So if you want to get redeem code for free, then for that you have to use these codes, after which you will be able to get some crystals for free, keep in mind that this is only for a limited time.

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Try to use it as soon as possible. So that if you get the crystal, you should not be disappointed, by the way, I would like to tell you that we keep updating the post daily, due to which you. You can check the code by coming back anytime.

CK1STANNIVERSARY – After copying this code, as soon as you apply it, you will get 5000 crystals and 3000 rainbow cubes in your account.

COOKIELIVECOUPON –  The coupon code includes 3 Treasure Tickets and 3*30 Minute Speed Up and 2 Magic Cookie Cutters, 2 Special Cookie Cutters, 300 Rainbow Cubes, 30 Experience Star Jellies, and 1500 Crystals.

0224CRKDARKCACAO – WEMADECKTOGETHER – In Both redeem codes, you will get to see 3000 crystals, which you can use to buy anything.

The above redeem codes are currently working. You can use them to collect crystals and many more tickets. If this code of yours is not working then you have to try some other code again. If any of these codes are not working then I give you some more code below which you can use.

cookie run kingdom

Cookie Run Kingdom Codes

So here all the codes are going to be related to crystal because above we have given you some code in which you get to see a lot of exclusive stuff

So here we have tried to provide only the code of crystal below which you will see in the following.

  • PYC2EPNJ3TGL –  (Get 2126 Rainbow Cubes And 1450 Cold Crystals)
  • STPRCBGAYBJ8 – (Get 1045 Rainbow Cubes And 1460 Cold Crystals)
  • 437NV9U8PNYY – (Get 420 Rainbow Cubes And 1890 Cold Crystals)
  • 372B2YFG7WQB – (Get 745 Rainbow Cubes And 1645 Cold Crystals)
  • S6RQJU856CYC – (Get 700 Rainbow Cubes And 1895 Cold Crystals)


  • RTLN4MCKDDC4 – (Get 10 Rainbow Cubes And 290 Cold Crystals)
  • 3TL3HTVMEQYN – (Get 1080 Rainbow Cubes And 1097 Cold Crystals)
  • FSAS5AEYL49N – (Get 1450 Rainbow Cubes And 200 Cold Crystals)
  • DG9KT77WX8WL – (Get 1377 Rainbow Cubes And 549 Cold Crystals)
  • WU32G8H6N98G – (Get 457 Rainbow Cubes And 1650 Cold Crystals)

So these were some coins of New cookie run kingdom codes that you can redeem to win rewards by redeeming New cookie run kingdom codes. If it does not work, if for some reason then you must tell us through the comment so that we can change this code.

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I hope you liked the article about this game. You will be able to collect Coins. So see you with the next article, till then bookmark the blog.

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