Where to find Redfall Popcorn Repair Kit 2023

By repairing the damaged Redfall broken popcorn machine using the Redfall Popcorn Repair Kit, players may have access to a morale and health-boosting snack that will help them push through Redfall’s streets. While impacting and marking their direction through the roads of Redfall, players will find an assortment of food and supplies to keep them in battling shape, including a periodic popcorn stand.

Where to find Redfall Popcorn Repair Kit 2023

These stands sell undisturbed fresh popcorn, which may be eaten to restore a modest quantity of health. Sadly, when the popcorn at the stand has been all consumed, players should get back to the ridiculous and margarine less city that encompasses them. Players will get the chance to fix a redfall broken popcorn machine for use at the firehouse in Redfall Lodge, where they might have a reviving nibble between missions.

Where to Find the RedFall Broken Popcorn Machine 

After completing the first few major objectives, Redfall players will be able to access side tasks around the area, which are indicated by a gray exclamation point on the player’s HUD compass. To start the side journey to repair the redfall broken popcorn machine, players need to go to the lower level of the firehouse and pivot at the foot of the steps.

A redfall broken popcorn machine may be found on the metal shelves beneath the stairs, along with a message from Dr. Hunt indicating that the components for this machine could be located in town if someone took the time to look. Players ought to then advance toward the Overton Theater in the Old Town locale. If the Old Town safe house is already unlocked, players can utilize it to rapidly get back to the theater. 

Where to find Redfall Popcorn Repair Kit 2023

Where to find Redfall Popcorn Repair Kit 

When inside the theater, players ought to turn right and head towards the snack bar, where there is popcorn for a fast get on the off chance that they are coming up short on wellbeing. Pass through one of the doors on the back counter to access the kitchen storage room and a stairway that lowers beneath the theater. Take a prompt left through the swinging doors at the foot of the steps into the support rooms, where players will find a few clothes washers on their left side, a water warmer, and some racking units on their right side.

In front of them is a concrete hallway that leads to an ancient dressing room. While investigating the racking close to the water warmer, players will find one more broken popcorn machine as well as a gold-featured popcorn repair kit. Simply approaching and interacting with the repair kit will add it to your inventory. When the players have finished exploring this area, they can quickly return to the Redfall firehouse.

Back at the firehouse, players will see that the popcorn machine has moved. It may, however, be easily found by standing in the main garage’s empty truck spot, looking away from the garage doors. Players will locate a table to the right of the row of lockers with the popcorn machine indicated in blue, which will begin a quick mending procedure after hitting the interact button while nearby. Now that the machine has been fixed, the Intermission Snack side mission is complete, and any player in the game can generate a new batch.

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