Valorant Unsupported Operating System: What You Need to Know

The sources of this error message will be discussed in this article, along with various fixes for Valorant unsupported operating system. The Valorant Unsupported Operating System error occurs when a player attempts to launch the game on a system that is not compatible with the game’s requirements.

Valorant requires a 64-bit operating system and at least Windows 7, which means that older systems may not be able to run the game. Additionally, some Linux and Mac systems may not be compatible with Valorant, which can be a disappointment for players who prefer these operating systems. While the Valorant Unsupported Operating System error can be disheartening, there are some solutions that players can try to resolve the issue.

One option is to upgrade their operating system to meet the game’s requirements. This may involve purchasing a new computer or simply upgrading their current system. Another option is to use a virtual machine to run the game on a compatible operating system.

However, this option may not be feasible for all players, as it can be resource-intensive and may not provide the best gaming experience. Despite the Valorant Unsupported Operating System error, the game remains incredibly popular among players worldwide. The game’s immersive gameplay and competitive nature have made it a favorite among gamers of all skill levels.

However, it is important for players to ensure that their operating system meets the game’s requirements before attempting to play, as this can save them from encountering the frustrating error message and possibly having to upgrade their system.

Popular tactical first-person shooter Valorant has amassed a sizable fan base thanks to its distinctive gameplay mechanics and challenging multiplayer modes. The game has, however, been giving some players problems, particularly with an error message that says Valorant Unsupported Operating System.

What is the “Unsupported Operating System” Error Message in Valorant?

Valorant Unsupported Operating System

When a player tries to launch Valorant unsupported operating system, they frequently see the “Unsupported Operating System” error message. Older operating systems or non-Windows operating systems may produce this error message.

The game won’t launch and the player won’t be able to play it if the error notice occurs.

How to Fix the Valorant Unsupported Operating System Error?

Valorant Unsupported Operating System

Here are some options to think about if you see the error notice “Valorant Unsupported Operating System”:

Upgrade Your Operating System: If you are currently using a more dated operating system, such as Windows 7 or 8, you may need to do so in order to use a Valorant-supported operating system. Windows 10 is the minimum need for the game to operate, therefore updating to this OS should fix the problem.

Use a Virtual Machine: It may be worthwhile to try running Valorant in a virtual machine if you are using an operating system other than Windows, such as MacOS or Linux. You can execute programmes that would ordinarily not be supported on your system using a virtual machine, which is software that emulates another operating system.

Verify Game Files: For more help if none of the aforementioned remedies are successful, get in touch with Valorant support. They might be able to offer further steps for troubleshooting or suggestions.

Run as Administrator: The “Unsupported Operating System” problem can also be fixed by running the Valorant client as an administrator. Right-click the Valorant shortcut on your desktop or in the Start menu and choose “Run as administrator” to carry out this action.

Contact Support: For more help if none of the aforementioned remedies are successful, get in touch with Valorant support. They might be able to offer further steps for troubleshooting or suggestions.


The “Valorant Unsupported Operating System” error notification may be unpleasant for those who want to enjoy Valorant. However, you can attempt to resolve the issue and resume playing the game by following the suggestions in this post.

Remember to upgrade your operating system, use a virtual machine, verify your game files, run as administrator, or contact support if you need more assistance. With a little effort, you should be able to install Valorant on your computer.

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