How To Get Star Wars Premium Reward Track Battle Pass For Free

The newest Fortnite update included the Star Wars Premium Reward Track Battle Pass. On Tuesday, May 2, Epic Games published the third big update to Fortnite Chapter 4 Season 2 with a slew of new features. The most notable is the new Fortnite x Star Wars partnership, which includes several free cosmetic items. As well as making them accessible in the Thing Shop, Amazing Games has made a few of them accessible with the Star Wars Battle Pass.

How To Get Star Wars Premium Reward Track Battle Pass For Free

Like the standard Battle Pass, this movement framework offers free and paid melodies. The premium Battle Pass is accessible for 1,000 V-Bucks, which is an incredible proposition. You may, notwithstanding, get the free Star Wars Battle Pass by finishing a progression of undertakings. This Fortnite x Star Wars quest line will be accessible until May 23 and includes a number of challenges.

Star Wars Premium Reward Track 

The Star Wars Premium Reward Track’s premium track features prizes such as Darth Maul. This iconic Star Wars figure looks fantastic and serves as the last prize for the Battle Pass. You will, however, need to spend 1,000 V-Bucks to unlock him. To acquire the Star Wars Premium Reward Track for free, simply finish a unique questline. You might procure up to 11 free Star Wars grants, including the Clone Officer skin, which is a definitive free Battle Pass reward.

You must acquire 11,000 Galactic Reputation to unlock all of the event’s free rewards. This means you’ll have to accomplish a slew of tasks, many of which will need you to utilize Star Wars gear like Lightsabers. To start, enter the mission log and search for the “Track down the Force” questline. Each completed quest earns Galactic Reputation and is required to finish the Star Wars Premium Reward Track. 

It’s worth noting that finishing all of these objectives will not get you the whole Battle Pass. You can get a few free cosmetic items by completing these objectives, but you’ll have to wait a few days before receiving fresh quests and earning more Galactic Reputation. The next round of missions is slated to be launched this weekend. Given that the Star Wars event runs through May 23, Epic Games will almost certainly offer new tasks every week to keep fans occupied.

How To Get Star Wars Premium Reward Track Battle Pass For Free

How To Get Star Wars Premium Reward Track Battle Pass For Free

The Fortnite Star Wars battle pass appeared in the game as a component of the Track down the Force occasion, and it offers a huge number of Star Wars corrective things for players to gather. To accomplish this, you should acquire Cosmic Standing by finishing Fortnite targets, however the strategy is somewhat convoluted on the grounds that you can likewise spend V-Bucks to move up to the premium reward track, and there are more Sith Holocrons to accumulate to get a one of a kind lightweight plane. 

To explain, here’s all you want to know about Fortnite’s Star Wars battle pass and how to get each of the three Sith Holocrons. You don’t need to upgrade the Star Wars battle pass to the premium reward track to receive the Sith Infiltrator glider, thus anybody can get it. You must, however, complete all 12 tasks in each of the three sets of Find the Force missions, since each group will provide you with one of the Sith Holocrons. These are the quest sets:

  • The Force Within will be released on May 2nd.
  • The Clone Wars have begun and will be available on May 7th.
  • Fall of the Republic will be released on May 12th.

That means completing 36 Find the Force quests in total during the event is required to obtain the three Sith Holocrons, but the event runs until May 22, giving you three weeks to complete them all.

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