How to get Silver Medallions Destiny 2 2023

How to get Silver Medallions Destiny 2 are the significant cash Watchman Games, and players might acquire enough of them through in-game exercises. These, however, are just accessible during the yearly occasion’s runtime. The ultimate purpose of these Medallions, with multiple tiers to gather, is to assist everyone win the tournament. The event mechanisms are entirely focused on these currencies, with participants merely following the aforementioned processes and depositing each Medallion on the Podium beneath the class’ flag.

How to get Silver Medallions Destiny 2 2023

How to get Medallions Destiny 2

This year’s Guardian Games will also provide everyone with a new yearly event seal dubbed Reveler. Guardian Games 2023, like previous events, consists of many challenges recorded within the Event Card. Completing all of them will usually result in materials and a seal unique to the event. The accompanying article will detail every one of the typical techniques for getting Medallions, all things considered.

As a result, the majority of the aforementioned tasks require players to roam around and do typical playlist and endgame activities. Everyone will get Bronze, Silver, Gold, or Platinum Medallions based on their difficulty level. The higher the level of an Emblem, the more interesting the weapon drops and the more focused it accommodates a specific class.

How to get Medallions Destiny 2: Bronze

It is prompted that players start the presentation mission by talking with Eva Levante at the Pinnacle prior to starting any activity. The celebration activities can commence when she gives out a unique Class Item. Start with custom playlist exercises, trailed via seasonals, for both Bronze and Silver level Medallions. Completing activities while equipped with this class item will earn you medallions, which are the currency used to propel your class to victory and earn yourself rewards.

How to get Silver Medallions Destiny 2 2023

Quickplay in PvP and Neptune activities can also result in the drop of low-tier Medallions. The Terminal Overload on Neptune should be one of the greatest activities for farming a large number of these Medallions. While the activity itself does not allow players to exploit multiple chest runs, it does begin almost immediately after one run is completed. Quickplay in PvP is a potential alternative for gaining How to get Silver Medallions Destiny 2 at the conclusion of each battle for a more F2P approach.

How to get Silver Medallions Destiny 2 2023

How to get Medallions Destiny 2: Gold

Gold and platinum Medallions are the most important fortunes in Destiny 2 Watchman Games, since they are ensured to drop a restrictive Amazing weapon. High-level Medallions will drop from Attacks, Prisons, Sunset Strikes, Cutthroat Cauldron matches, Preliminaries of Osiris, and Legend Insubordinate Milestones.

How to get Medallions Destiny 2: Platinum

Contender and Platinum Cards, which are akin to bounties, are also available. Finishing them will drop Gold and Platinum Medallions, with the choice of finishing objectives associated with PvE (Strikes and Ploy) or PvP (Cauldron). Every one of these Cards will cost Flash, with Competitor Cards for Gold Medallions costing 1000 Glint and Platinum Cards costing 1500 Gleam. 

How to start Guardian Games

To start, go to the Pinnacle and talk with Eva Levante. The Pinnacle has been decked out with dubiously Olympic-themed embellishments, and Eva will be the principal vendor all through the occasion. Eva will equip you with a new Guardian Games class item, which you should maintain equipped during the tournament. 

It’s also worth noting that the class item is essential to proceed on several of Eva’s bounties. Eva will ultimately have you talk with Zavala and Shaxx to fill out the event, but you must first purchase your first Card from Eva. This will enable you to purchase Guardian Games bounties and get you started on the main event.

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