How to Get Redline Body Rocket League: Guide 2023

You will get the Redline Body Rocket League using the simple ways provided in this post. Rocket League’s automobile customization options are almost limitless, with a plethora of choices for bodywork, decals, and wheels. The Redline Body, with its svelte design and vibrant crimson hue, is easily one of the most coveted body styles in the game.

For avid Rocket League enthusiasts, who yearn to lay their hands on the coveted Redline Body – you have a variety of options to acquire it! In this comprehensive guide, we will demonstrate some effortless and powerful techniques to attain the Rocket League Redline Body.

Best Easy Methods on How to Get Redline Body Rocket League:

how to get redline body rocket league

Method 1: Check the Item Shop for Rocket League Redline Body Locations

The Item Shop, which has a constantly changing variety of things that users can buy with Credits, occasionally has the Rocket League Redline Body accessible. Watch out for the Redline Body in the Item Shop and be ready to pay some Credits to buy it if you find it.

Daily item shop updates mean that if the Rocket League Redline Body isn’t accessible one day, it could be the next. Additionally, you can use the Rocket League app on your smartphone or tablet to browse the Item Shop.

Method 2: Trade with Other Players

Trading with other players is an additional method of obtaining the Rocket League Redline Body. Rocket League players frequently trade for pricey and unusual things.

You must provide goods of equivalent value in return for the Rocket League Redline Body in order to trade with other players. To identify possible trading partners and the current worth of the Redline Body and other Rocket League products, you may utilise trading websites like Rocket League Garage, RL Insider, or Rocket Prices.

It’s important to exercise caution and confirm the legitimacy of the player you’re trading with before doing so. Players have occasionally fallen victim to scams when exchanging for rare things.

Method 3: Participate in Tournaments

how to get redline body rocket league

Rocket League occasionally hosts in-game competitions where players may win special prizes like the Redline Body. To improve your chances of winning the Redline Body, keep an eye out for any competitions that are taking place and enter them.

Rocket League tournament play is enjoyable and competitive, and it offers the chance to win special items that aren’t available through trade or the Item Shop.

Method 4: Purchase from Online Stores

You can buy the Rocket League Redline Body from online shops if you can’t get it from the Item Shop, trading, or competitions. Be cautious while shopping online, though, and make sure the vendor is genuine before sending any money.

Check the seller’s ratings and reviews before making any purchases since some sellers may try to con you by selling fake or counterfeit things. It’s also crucial to keep in mind that obtaining the Redline Body from online retailers may be more expensive than doing so through the aforementioned alternative ways.


Obtaining the Rocket League Redline Body, one of the game’s most sought-after vehicle bodies, may be difficult. However, by employing the simple strategies listed above, you can improve your chances of obtaining the Redline Body and give your car a dash of style.

Keep in mind that you may check the Item Shop, trade with other players, engage in tournaments, or buy the Rocket League Redline Body from online retailers to locate the locations. You may obtain the Redline Body and display your fashionable vehicle in Rocket League if you have a little perseverance, strategy, and patience.

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