How to Easily Get Airlock Invitation Destiny 2 Emblem?

Airlock Invitation Destiny 2 Emblem is released by Bungie for all guardians. Here’s our GA guide to unlock the Airlock Invitation Destiny 2 Emblem.

Among us airlock Invitation emblem is the new emblem in Destiny 2 Season 20 of the game. Bungie has immediately released it before this season ends.  Now let’s find out the ways to get this brand new exclusive airlock emblem on Destiny 2.

Airlock Invitation Destiny 2 Emblem

This among us emblem in Destiny 2 is not easy to unlock as guardians have to find the Morse code and other codes to redeem it finally.

For this, you can all visit the office Bungie website. There you will also find the airlock invitation emblem code for Destiny 2 right now. All about the Among Us Invitation Emblem in Destiny 2 can be seen here on GA now.

How to Easily Get Airlock Invitation Destiny 2 Emblem?

To obtain the new among us invitation emblem, guardians must follow several steps. Here are the,

Airlock Invitation Destiny 2 Emblem

  • go to this site
  • Now login with your official Destiny 2 credentials and choose your correct playing platforms too
  • HN3-7KN-93G is the code to unlock and obtain Among Us Invitation Destiny 2 Emblem
  • Enter the code and claim the emblem too

That’s it this is the first step to get the emblem. Now you should all be opening the flairs tab under collections menu of Destiny 2. Then also proceed to find the Airlock emblem under the emblems section too. Now you can equip the emblem for your particular Destiny 2 characters too.

The airlock Destiny 2 Emblem also has a Morse code that’s also coded as “AMOGUS”. This new Legendary Emblem also has a Silhouette on it too.


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Airlock Invitation Destiny 2 Emblem

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