#2 Fleeting Lights Honkai Star Rail Quest Guide & Tips 

Fleeting Lights Honkai Star Rail is the new latest quest. Honkai Star Rail is from the same developers of Genshin Impact. Here’s GA guide to complete this new Honkai Star Rail fleeting Lights quest easily too.

But make sure that you all have reached trail blaze level 20 and completed its first respective trial of the equilibrium quest too. Now you will receive an immediate text message from pom pom and then you can unlock this fleeting lights quest by activating it.

The quest is easy and you can complete it in a short time. There are many Honkai Star Rail quests currently. You can only proceed after completing this one.

#2 Fleeting Lights Honkai Star Rail Quest Guide & Tips 

Visit the Astral Express and get the text from pom-pom. Now you have the access to this quest of Honkai Star Rail.

The forgotten hall activities of Honkai Star Rail will automatically unlock after you are done with this quest. Check the messages from Pom-Pom from the main menu settings and then accept the quest finally.

Now you must identify the strange happenings at the same Astral Express. Take the stairs and proceed further. Find the portal near the mirror that’s also broken.

Also complete the memory stage by clearing it. Get the messenger and fill up the remaining dialogue. This will take you to the final part of this quest.

Fleeting Lights Honkai Star Rail Fleeting Lights Honkai Star Rail

Congratulations, now you have gotten access to the Forgotten Hall and also make sure to clear the first set of memory stages or just the first memory stage alone in the Forgotten Hall activity.

That’s it, the quest is completed, now you can interact with Welt Yang and others to complete the quest and get new rewards. You will also be gaining more access to the Forgotten Hall activity on Honkai Star Rail easily.

Finally meet pom-pom and also Himeko, Arlan to complete this amazing Honkai Star Rail quest easily. That’s it, you can now proceed to complete other challenges in the game. These tips are easier for you all to complete the fleeting lights quest in the Honkai Star Rail game.


That’s all about the Fleeting Lights Honkai Star Rail quest guide and walkthrough in your Gaming Acharya. Follow all these GA tips and tricks to complete this new fleeting lights quest easily.

All tips and tricks to unlock Honkai Star Rail Forgotten Hall activity are also shared here. Stay tuned to GA for more exclusive Honkai Star Rail updates and other e-Sports news.

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Honkai Star Rail is the latest 3d adventure RPG from the HoYoverse developers. You can play it on phone, PC, and PlayStation sooner. An amazing 3D adventure game from the same makers of Genshin Impact is now released.

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