How to get Authentication Key Locations in Honkai: Star Rail 2023

Not sure How to get Authentication Key Locations in Honkai: Star Rail? The newest HoyoVerse game has just been released, and gamers are eagerly exploring its enormous and gorgeous environment. Of course, some mysteries will be revealed. We will describe where to discover all three Authentication Key locations aboard the Herta Space Station in this post. You will come upon a tightly closed door in the Herta Space Station’s Base Zone.

How to get Authentication Key Locations in Honkai: Star Rail

To open the Honkai Star Rail Triple Authentication Entryway, you should initially find the three keys. This can be inconvenient in the event that you don’t have any idea where to look on the grounds that the space station is gigantic and includes different zones, each with various floors. Luckily for you, we will find each of the three authentication keys at Herta Space Station. Look at the guides in general and photos underneath for each key so you know unequivocally where to look!

Authentication Key Locations in Honkai Impact

If you go on and enter the chamber at the end of the corridor, you will discover the first authentication key. You must defeat the adversary there in order for him to drop an Access Authentication item. The “Man with Afro” may be found in the center corridor. Just chat to him (be warned: it will be a lengthy conversation!) and he will finally give you the second Triple Authentication Door key, dubbed “Corporate Access.

Finally, the third significant area is on the main floor of the Stockpiling Zone in a huge chamber. When you enter the chamber, you’ll need to make a route to the door on the opposite side. You will obtain the last Honkai Star Rail Triple Authentication Entryway key subsequent to interacting with the entryway. “Thousand Stars Access Authentication” is the name given to this last key. Whenever you’ve gathered each of the three articles, simply bring them to the way to open the Triple Authentication Entryway.

How to get Authentication Key Locations in Honkai: Star Rail

How to get Authentication Key Locations in Honkai Impact

The entry to the confined compartment is situated on the right half of the Base Zone (Space Station Hertha). After the adventure “Road of Rebirth” quest begins, you will be able to go to the related segment. When you interface with the controller, you will be asked to locate three access cards. In any case, the game won’t disclose their situation, simply providing a couple of thoughts on where to search for the cards (to see them, you should interact with the board and investigate every one of the three levels).

If you don’t want to rush around the station, just read the information below. Get back to the Main Control Zone, advance a bit, and participate in discussion with a Man with Lavish Hair. You must converse with him five times. You may select any response because it has no bearing on anything. After the sixth chat, he will eventually give you the needed access card. You can now go on to the next one.

Honkai: Star Rail – Base Zone Locked Door Access Authentication Key Locations

Proceed to the Observation Room in the Base Zone. There, you’ll have to deal with an elite adversary Fire from Space (vulnerable to Physical, Frost, and Quantum damage), as well as two Flamespawn (vulnerable to Physical and Frost damage). These opponents will be level 13, thus you will need characters with levels 12-15 to beat them. As the struggle will be protracted, make sure they are totally healthy. 

We recommend that you apply the March 7 method (“E” key) before the conflict begins. Ordinary mobs can be frozen in this manner. After that, rapidly deal with the brats with area strikes before focusing on Fire from space. Don’t forget to use the Mart 7 skill to equip shields on damage dealers. After you’ve defeated all of the creatures, grab the card and unlock the opulent chest. 

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