Arknights x Destiny 2 Collaboration – Release Date, Leaks, Events, Rewards

Arknights x Destiny 2 collaboration event has been officially announced. Both the games are highly rated and here’s all about Arknights Destiny 2 collaboration leaks, release date, and more about the events.

Destiny 2 x Arknights crossover event will also bring more challenges for all players. The Collab has also been announced on a way to celebrate the 4th year successful anniversary of Arknights game too.

Arknights the tactical fantasy RPG was launched 4 years back for all Chinese servers. Now this new exciting collab between Destiny 2 x Arknights is also announced.

Arknights x Destiny 2 Collaboration – Release Date, Leaks, Events, Rewards

It’s almost 2 years since the collaboration of Destiny 2 and Arknights. Right now, the games have come together for another association. Arknights Destiny 2 collab Release date is somewhere around the end of 2023. Or even the Arknights x Destiny 2 collab could be in 2024 too.

The exact release date of Destiny 2 x Arknights collaboration is yet to be known officially too. Hopefully this will be soon so that fans of both games don’t need to wait longer too.

This new collaboration between Arknights and Destiny 2 might see the new arrival of weapons, emotes, cosmetics, guns, and sprays too. All about the event should only arrive in later part of the year too.

Currently, the collaboration news of Arknights and Destiny 2 is confirmed. But fans of both games need to wait for a little while to find out more exciting things about this brand new collaboration too.

 More About Destiny 2 x Arknights 

Arknights and Destiny 2, both games have had massive collaborations with other popular games earlier. Now it’s time for the new collaboration of these 2.

You can expect new skins, Arknights based hero skins in Destiny 2, Destiny 2 based heroes and weapon guns in Arknights and more.

Arknights x Destiny 2

We must wait and watch whether there are more exclusive updates from the team of Arknights and Destiny 2 in the coming days too. Hopefully this Destiny 2 x Arknights collaboration will be a mega massive too. Let’s first wait for the Destiny 2 x Arknights collaboration now.


That’s all about the Arknights x Destiny 2 collab leaks, updates and more here in GA. All exclusive information and updates on this brand new Arknights 2 Destiny 2 collab are also shared here.

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Currently you can play both games and complete all new quests of the game. Even Destiny 2 Season 21 is approaching faster too. Stay tuned to our handle for more exclusive updates and news on this exciting collab that’s sure to excite everyone too.

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