All PUBG Mobile M23 Update Royal Pass Rewards

PUBG Mobile m23 update Royal Pass reward: The Monthly pass rewards and cosmetics will help PUBG Mobile players to win big. Let’s check the month 23 Royale Pass rewards for PUBG Mobile here on GA.

M23 Royale pass rewards in PUBG Mobile range from level 1 to 50. As all RP levels will have different PUBG rewards like skins, cosmetics, emote, hat, gun skins, and outfits.

PUBG Mobile m23 update Royal Pass

Once PUBG Mobile m22 rp season ends, it will pave and make the way for PUBG m23 royale pass season too. All PUBG Mobile m23 to rewards are here in GA now.

All PUBG Mobile M23 Update Royal Pass Rewards 

PUBG Mobile m23 update Royal Pass

Now let’s check on the PUBG Mobile royale pass RP month 23 of m23 rewards here,

  • RP level 1 – Legendary m23 outfit, Green military hat and skins
  • RP level 10 – Helmet, Emote, and more weapon skins
  • RP level 15 – Bike Skin, Mythic Emote
  • RP level 30 – female outfit, AK47 themed skins
  • RP level 40 – weapon skins, pink skin
  • RP level 50 – ornaments

These are the leaked PUBG Mobile M23 Royale pass rewards and skins too. More about PUBG Mobile M23 rp release date, updates, and rewards leaks will also come sooner than expected too.


All about PUBG Mobile M23 Royale pass rewards and leaks are here in GA. We will wait for the official m23 royal pass release date from the team of PUBG Mobile. And it shall also be posted here too.

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Is PUBG Mobile Version Available In India? 

No, PUBG Mobile is not available to play in India. Hence players in India won’t be able to download and play PUBG 2.5 patch update without vpn. You can play New State Mobile PUBG as of now that’s the famous game in Indian regions

And we are also not sure when PUBG Mobile is returning to India as of now. But other country people can easily download PUBG Mobile 2.5 apk without VPN right now with our tips and guide in GA.

PUBG was a sensational rage in India and you can all never restrain yourselves from playing a prolific battle royale game like that. Such was its reach and success over all fans in the country.

PUBG, BGMI, PUBG Mobile are all getting banned in India as they also had an association with chinese developers too. This has also prompted the Indian government to take away the game from the stores immediately too.

Hopefully PUBG Mobile or BGMI 2.0 will come soon to India after its ban too. Till then you can all continue to play New State Mobile game in the stores right now too. Stay tuned to GA for more updates and Esports news. Share your comments in the comment box below here.

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