Dead Island 2 My Mailman Was a Zombie Quest – Guide and Walkthrough

My Mailman Was a Zombie Quest is the new mission in Dead Island 2 game. You need to identify 3 locations to complete this amazing quest. Here’s the My Mailman Was a Zombie Quest guide at GA end.

My Mailman Was a Zombie Quest

You need to first find a journal in Alpine Drive and then use that to find some locations. Get the signature required journal in this area if Bel-Air near a delivery truck on a crate too.

My Mailman Was a Zombie Quest

Now your task is to get Mailman keys to complete this new challenge in Dead Island 2. Let’s see all about the My Mailman Was a Zombie Quest and mailman key Locations in Dead Island 2 game on GA here.

Dead Island 2 My Mailman Was a Zombie Quest – Guide and Walkthrough

Visit three spots and interact with mailman to get keys. And even Wayne has to spawn as a zombie at the final spot too.

The location to get Mailman keys are The Goat Pen in 59 Alpine Drive and then Colt Swanson in 70 Alpine Driv. The final spot is to visit Mr. & Mrs. Doe 143 in Glitterati Corner too. All these locations are in and around Bel-Air. Defeat other zombies that come your way too.

Interact with all mail packages near the gates and other locations to get all mail keys too. Now you can defeat the zombie named Wayne and complete the quest to get all mailman keys finally.

Now you can also use the keys to unlock and open the mail crate. You can also get some chest rewards too. That’s how you should be completing this new Mailman Wayne zombie quest in Dead Island 2. A thrilling quest that will also be entertaining too.


That’s the GA tips to complete Dead Island 2 My Mailman Was a Zombie Quest guide. All Mailman keys are also mentioned here in our Gaming Acharya guide now.

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Dead Island 2 is the new zombie horror and also a thriller game. The developers for this new game are Deep Silver and Publishers are Dambuster Studios too.

Dead Island franchise is already a raging hit too with different editions. Dead Island 2 is the 3rd game from this horror series franchise. The story will be beginning in the lockdown locations of San Francisco and Los Angeles too.

After the viral zombie outbreak, the intimidating events start to happen too. Play as the sole survivor and use different skills with weapons to kill all zombies and other monster creatures too.

Survivor, Innate, Numen, Ability, and Slayer are the five different skills in this new Dead Island 2 survival horror adventure game. Play the game on Windows, PlayStation, and also on the XBOX Consoles too. A scintillating game to play right now with your friends too.

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