Fortnite Launch Fireworks At Coachella Challenge!

Fortnite is well renowned for its thrilling challenges and events, and the most recent one is Launch fireworks at coachella event. It has given the players some fresh shocks as on its Coachella Island Creative map.

One of them is the chance to launch fireworks at coachella. In this guide, we’ll show you how to complete Fortnite Launch Fireworks at Coachella challenge and get over all of the rewards.

 launch fireworks at coachella

Where To Launch Fireworks At Coachella?

In the Discovery tab, enter the island Code 5449-4207-1280 to access the temporary Coachella Island map and start the quest. You don’t need to explore the island once you’re there to learn how to launch fireworks at coachella.

As a substitute, the map will grant you a unique Flare Gun every 15 minutes. Enabling you to shoot off fireworks while a light display is in progress.

How To Complete Fortnite Launch Fireworks At Coachella Event?

Once you’ve selected the weapon, you can start a fireworks display by pressing the appropriate shot button. Be sure to fire as quickly as you can because the Flare Gun is only usable when fireworks are visible in the vicinity.

Three rounds must be fired before the mission may be finished. You will have to wait an additional 15 minutes before you may fire the gun again if you miss your time to light off pyrotechnics. Target for the sky, then press the appropriate button for your system to launch fireworks at coachella.

  1. Rt on Xbox
  2. On PC use mouse button
  3. R2 in PlayStation

launch fireworks at coachella

What to do After Launch Fireworks At Coachella?

Once the fireworks have been set off, players can soar through the air and take in the display from various perspectives. The Fortnite launch fireworks at Coachella quest for Fortnite may be the simplest one yet, but it is also surprisingly giving. The overall rewards for finishing it are 15,000 XP towards Battle Pass level and perhaps a few goodies.

What Are The Rewards After Completing Fortnite launch Fireworks At coachella Challenge?

A unique Utility weapon called the Firework Flare Gun is also given to players. When a player completes one of the Coachella quests, the event offers them the Sunset Spray. By completing all five of its objectives, you can obtain additional special items like the Hi-Fi Cacti Spray and Look at the Sky Lobby Track.

launch fireworks at coachella

Conclusion :-

During the Fortnite x Coachella event, players may launch fireworks using the Firework Flare Gun, a unique utility weapon. Aim for the sky and press the shoot button on your chosen platform to use it. The Firework Flare Gun is a temporarily prize that may only be obtained while fireworks are bursting nearby.

If you miss your chance to use the gun, you’ll have to wait an additional 15 minutes. Before trying again because the mission can only be finished once three rounds are fired. Take in the entertainment while collecting all the goodies for finishing the mission.

Players have had access to XP-rich quests as well as brand-new skins in the Item Shop thanks to the Coachella event. One of the many thrilling challenges that gamers can undertake is launching pyrotechnics.

Anyone may finish the quest and obtain the prizes by following these easy steps. What are you still holding out for? Fire off those fireworks and take in the spectacle.

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