Ragnarok Origin High Score in Time Space Abnormality Event Guide #2

High Score in Time Space Abnormality Event: How to get high score in this new limited time event challenges of Ragnarok Origin game? All about High Score in Time Space Abnormality Event guide is here in GA.

To get the best score, you must own the useful pets and incredible heroes in Ragnarok Origin to complete this new limited time abnormality event in 2023. Powerful pets get you the best points to score maximum points too.

Ragnarok Origin has many new pets. Also all pets will have some super amazing skills too. Now let’s check the GA tips to score high points in Time Space Abnormality challenges of Ragnarok Origin.

High Score in Time Space Abnormality Event High Score in Time Space Abnormality Event

Ragnarok Origin High Score in Time Space Abnormality Event Guide #2 

You will be given fire avatar, harpy, king pig, zlaine, and baphomet jr as pets for this time space abnormality event in the Ragnarok Origin game of 2023.

You can play in solo once your level crosses 35 in Ragnarok Origin game. Antasha is another powerful pet for all challenges. Just summon and deploy pets in their best positions to complete all battles easily.

Once you win, the Abnormality event will give you plentiful rewards and coins for getting high score in this new Ragnarok Origin event game of 2023. Summon and deploy troops in right positions, attack faster, and get the highest points among others is the key to success in this new time space abnormality challenges of the game.


That’s the GA tips to score high score in Time Space Abnormality event 2023 in Ragnarok Origin. The event is also LTM. Get all rewards and complete the event on Ragnarok Origin before the date ends too.

Use the pets and score points to get all rewards of the time space abnormality event of Ragnarok Origin right now. Stay tuned to GA for more exclusive Ragnarok Origin leaks and updates here.

Ragnarok Origin is a new fantasy MMORPG from the famous developers gravity co Ltd. The game will be held in a magical fantasy land. And you can play only on mobile devices too right now and also PC via BlueStacks too.

This is an open-world role-playing game and you can also travel through all dungeons, landscapes, kingdoms, and magical forests too. A fantasy adventure ride will be waiting for you all. You can witness high quality anime style graphics in this beautiful game too.

Find the mysterious rune midgarts stories and secrets. This will get you the best missions of Ragnarok Origin too. Recruit mercenaries and train them for battles against monsters.

Defeat and kill monsters in all territories to gain powers and skills. Get new rewards all days and be the best players of your town too. An amazing RPG that’s only available for mobile phones right now. Play the Ragnarok Origin game now too.

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