All Curtis Safe Key Dead Island 2 Locations #4

Are you all looking to find Curtis safe key Dead Island 2? Curtis’ safe keys locations are hard to track in Dead Island 2. Here’s GA guide to easily locate Curtis safe keys in Dead Island 2 right now.

To identify and unlock these curtis safe keys, you must all wait play out hard during your missions. Obviously at the end, you will all get your hands on the keys too.  These keys will only unlock the curtis home and without them it’s a waste of time for all survivors too.

Curtis safe key Dead Island 2

To get these keys, all gamers and fans must also complete the Plumbing the Depths” quest of Dead Island 2. More about all the locations of Curtis safe key Dead Island 2 are here now in GA.

All Curtis Safe Key Dead Island 2 Locations #4

Curtis safe key Dead Island 2

Take on the plumbing the depths mission and kill a Zombie and Screamer too. Curtis Sinclair’s mansion in Bel is your next spot to visit. Crystal the Lawyer is the next screamer here near garden. Kill it to get Curtis safe keys.

Next go to the Emma Jaunt’s house, and save Curtis from all zombies and screamer. Now you will get Curtis keys as drops rewards too. Curtis safe key Dead Island 2 locations are very tougher to find out too.

These are the options to procure more curtis key house in Dead Island 2 right now in the game. Then you should all complete main story missions and other campaign side quests of the game to get more curtis keys too.

You must also defeat all monsters and zombies to get Curtis house keys easily in the game. That’s how you all get this curtis safe keys in Dead Island 2 right now in the game too.


That’s all about the Curtis safe key Dead Island 2 locations guide at GA here. Stay tuned to GA for more exclusive Dead Island 2 updates and leaks.

Find all Curtis keys in Dead Island 2 by checking all the curtis safe keys locations in our latest GA guide here now. Complete all Horror missions and also get your rewards and resources too.

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Dead Island 2 is the new zombie horror and also a thriller game. The developers for this new game are Deep Silver and Publishers are Dambuster Studios too.

Dead Island franchise is already a raging hit too with different editions. Dead Island 2 is the 3rd game from this horror series franchise. The story will be beginning in the lockdown locations of San Francisco and Los Angeles too.

After the viral zombie outbreak, the intimidating events start to happen too. Play as the sole survivor and use different skills with weapons to kill all zombies and other monster creatures too.

Survivor, Innate, Numen, Ability, and Slayer are the five different skills in this new Dead Island 2 survival horror adventure game. Play the game on Windows, PlayStation, and also on the XBOX Consoles too.

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