Xdefiant Loadout Not Saving – Solution #2

Xdefiant Loadout not saving is the latest headache for all players. Whenever player plays a new game, they are also not able to progress through. Here is how to fix Xdefiant Loadout not saving now,

Xdefiant Loadout not saving

Both class and loadouts are not saving for all the players of Xdefiant. And even the developers of the game told players to save class after joining a match in Xdefiant game too.

But on the other hand all gamers of Xdefiant are also able to get all attachments and weapons easily too. How to fix and resolve the Xdefiant Loadout not saving in GA here.

Xdefiant Loadout Not Saving – Solution #2 

Whenever Xdefiant players open a new lobby, they must also save the class. And the lobby doesn’t show all loadouts and weapons too.

This was a problem for all players and development of the game have now given all weapons and loadouts to players of Xdefiant. And most of the players have been able to solve and resolve the Xdefiant Loadout not saving error bugs and issues now.

Xdefiant Loadout not saving bug is only available to few players and you can also wait for more updates, else restart your match from the beginning too.

As other than these, there are also no solutions to fix the Loadout not saving in Xdefiant currently now in the game too. All loadouts and attachments with weapons in Xdefiant game are not saving for players. Also you should not forget to create a new class whenever you join a new game in Xdefiant until this Loadout errors are resolved and fixed too.


Xdefiant Loadout not saving guide and solutions are given here at our GA end. Follow these steps and strategies to fix Loadout Xdefiant issues right now in the game too.

The tips and tricks to fix Loadout in Xdefiant are here and sure to help you all too. Stay tuned to GA for more exclusive Xdefiant gaming news and other e-Sports exclusive leaks too. Share your queries in the comment box below here. Stay tuned for our next Gaming Acharya article soon here too.

About XDefiant 

Xdefiant is a massive first person shooter video game from the developers named Ubisoft. Your heroes in Xdefiant game will also be coming out from different classes and factions.

All heroes use new skills and weapons with armor to battle against the others too. The game challenges also take place in the near future version of the US.

You can all play in all different maps and locations. Plenty of game modes and weapons along with the fast paced combat challenges are the best in this highly rated Xdefiant game too.

Overall, this Xdefiant is a popular shooter game and you will love it when you play it. You can all play the game on Xbox, PlayStation, and PC device too.



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