Warzone 2 Tips for Beginners to Win More

Warzone 2 never takes it easy on newcomers. Once you land on the map, there’s no going back; either you join the hot action or lose your life in no time. Yet, it’s not easy to win a fight or more as a beginner without a basic knowledge and mastery of the game’s mechanics.

Understanding how Warzone 2 works require practical experience, and the Gulag is the perfect place for beginners. From engaging in a balanced 2v2 combat to testing different weapons, you’ll be able to win more games when you’re out. Nevertheless, you can find some helpful Warzone 2 hacks to enjoy hassle-free victories in the game.

Warzone 2 Tips for Beginners
Warzone 2 Tips for Beginners

Warzone 2 Tips for Beginners to Win More

Check these beginner tips to win more in Warzone 2 and become a pro player.

  • Practice And Get Stronger 

Warzone 2 has a system where players can engage in fights with bots. It’s the best place for beginners to spend time practicing because winning here can give you a head start on the massive Al Mazrah map. 

Secondly, the Gulag is the place to get tougher. You’ll be sent to prison when you fight and die in a match. You must win a 1vs1 fight to return to the game. If you’re desperate, you will give all you’ve got since you don’t want to leave the game entirely. Your knowledge and tactics will improve as you fight to win over your opponent. 

  • Loot quickly or die quickly

Looting is the most rewarding and risky attribute of Warzone 2. The common mistake beginners make is going after shiny loot and spending a lot of time on it. Looting can undoubtedly reward you with valuable items to keep you throughout the game. However, looting quickly is an important skill to master.

So, never loot in a rowdy situation unless your team can give you a solid cover. If you want to loot, whether it’s from the ground or backpacks, loot as quickly as you can. Also, it’s better to loot only useful items to keep space for other valuables you’ll find later in the game.

  • Carry weapons, you know

A weapon’s powerfulness may not guarantee victory, especially in Warzone. So, it’s advisable to carry weapons you can use without fumbling. You can take an M4 to a gunfight and lose ten thousand times because you need to learn the gun’s mechanics. 

Thus, you need to experiment with the different weapons in Warzone 2 before diving into a match. This will help you develop some ideal skills and have a weapon feel when flexing them in a gunfight. 

You can find some top-tier weapons in the course of the game. You can still visit the buy station to select the weapon that suits your play style. Since you’re familiar with most weapons, you can use them to your advantage. 

  • Make a large amount of money

In Warzone 2, money is everything. From upgrading your weapons to purchasing gear and some equipment, there are many things to do with the money in the game. Completing contracts like Secure Intel, Safecracker, Most Wanted, and Bounty will leave you with huge amounts of money.

However, you must look out for stacks of cash while exploring the game. You must not let your balance deplete to zero before you start hoarding cash. As you spend, try your best possible to refill your balance. 

Having so much money will come in handy when purchasing health supplies, powerful weapons, grenades, armor, and ammo. Once you have the right equipment, you can always win more matches.

  • Monitor the shrinking circles

Apart from eliminating opponents, you can lose a match once trapped outside the safe zones (the shrinking circles). Toward the end of the game, three small circles will appear on the map. Every part of the map outside the circles becomes risky. 

At this point, you need to know when and where these circles will appear so you can be inside one of them on time. Over time, the three circles will merge to create a final zone, pushing the players to engage in close-quarter shootouts. For surviving and winning, it’s advisable to attack from a solid cover at this stage of the game.


Warzone 2 is a tough battle royale game with increasing popularity. Even though the newcomers struggle to win more fights, Warzone 2 can leave you with exciting experiences afterward. 

Nevertheless, the tips above are for beginners seeking to win as many games as possible in Warzone 2. In a nutshell, practice in the Gulag, loot quickly, carry weapons you’re familiar with, and never stop making money. More importantly, monitor the shrinking circles and try to reach the final zone. 

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