Destiny 2 Nezarec Challenge: Conquering the All Hands Encounter

Destiny 2 Nezarec Challenge: The Root of Nightmares raid in Destiny 2 pits guardians against a recently revived Nezarec, the Final God of Pain, and is a difficult encounter. The raid’s fourth and last confrontation is with the boss.

However, you can also face Destiny 2 Nezarec challenge in the All Hands encounter challenge anytime it’s live if you want more treasure, more strategies for defeating him, or simply just a greater chance at getting the raid exotic. In this article, we’ll examine the Destiny 2 Nezarec Challenge in more detail and provide you advice on how to win the All Hands fight.

Destiny 2 Nezarec Challenge

The Destiny 2 Nezarec Challenge Is What?

All players are required to complete a tiny portion of the mechanic during the Destiny 2 Nezarec Challenge encounter in the Root of Nightmares raid. Even if Nezarec’s Hatred mechanic hasn’t changed, everyone who wants to complete the All Hands challenge must learn how to manage the nodes. To complete the challenge, players must run a node at least once for each person in the encounter.

Destiny 2 Nezarec Challenge

How To Beat The Destiny 2 Nezarec Challenge?

To beat the Destiny 2 Nezarec Challenge, you’ll need to have a team that is willing to work together and communicate effectively. Here are some tips to help you conquer the All. Now that we understand the mechanics, let’s explore some strategies that can help you complete the Nezarec Challenge.

Strategy 1: Split the Fireteam

One popular strategy is to split the fireteam into two squads of three guardians each. Following the creation of the Refuge, which should occur about halfway through the battle, each squad switches sides and takes the first 3 nodes on each side.

This strategy helps to ensure that each squad is responsible for activating an equal number of Light and Dark nodes. AllThePlayers, a content creator, recommends assigning numbers to each guardian to mark an order, which can help to streamline the process and ensure that everyone knows their role.

Strategy 2: Designate Hatred Runners

Another key aspect of the Destiny 2 Nezarec Challenge is dealing with Nezarec’s Hatred, a debuff that causes players to take increased damage and makes them unable to activate nodes.

To counter this, many fireteams designate two guardians as Hatred runners, whose sole job is to run to their respective nodes and activate them. To ensure that at least one of the runners can overcome Nezarec’s Hatred, they should remain on different sides and avoid having to travel to their own nodes simultaneously.

Strategy 3: Coordinate the Final Nodes

The final nodes on both sides need to be triggered almost simultaneously, which adds a layer of complexity to the challenge. To coordinate the final nodes, fireteams can use various methods, such as countdowns or audio cues. To prevent misunderstandings or delays, it’s crucial to communicate clearly and make sure everybody is on the same page.

Destiny 2 Nezarec Challenge

Conclusion :-

In conclusion, completing the Destiny 2 Nezarec Challenge requires teamwork, communication, and a solid strategy. Splitting the fireteam, designating Hatred runners, and coordinating the final nodes are some of the key strategies that can help you and your fireteam complete this challenge.

Remember to communicate effectively and adjust the strategy as needed to find the method that works best for your fireteam. With the right preparation and execution, you can conquer the Destiny 2 Nezarec Challenge and earn some fantastic rewards.

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