How to Destroy the Cooling Fan Destiny 2 Retribution Quest? Easy Guide

Destroy the cooling fan Destiny 2 retribution quest is the new quest for all guardians. Let’s see how to destroy the cooling fan in Destiny 2 now here at GA.

Destroy the cooling fan is a new retribution mission and you have to demolish 4 cooling fans in random spots. Get inside random rooms and underground spots to find cooling fans.

You will also get a new buff inside a room named the favor of destruction and you can damage cooling fans by activating this buff only. Now let’s check on how to destiny all cooling fans and engines for this new Destiny 2 Retribution mission only here in GA end.

Destroy the cooling fan

How to Destroy the Cooling Fan Destiny 2 Retribution Quest? Easy Guide

First get to the engine rooms and other underground locations. Check our map and the cooling fans will be marked on it and notice the icons too. Then use the buff along with a weapon or gun to destroy the cooling fans.

Guardians should destroy 4 different cooling fans in different rooms and doing this will also get you rewards and complete the quest too finally in Destiny 2 Season 20 edition.

You can search in all random locations of map in Destiny 2 season of defiance and look for engine rooms to destroy cooling fans. Then use the buff powers to destroy all cooling fans and engines in the room.

Destroy all engine and four cooling fans to complete the new Destiny 2 Season 21 Retribution mission easily too. Then you will collect some rewards for this new retribution missions too.

Destroy the cooling fan


That’s a wrap for destroy the cooling fan Destiny 2 Retribution mission guide at GA end. Get all retribution quest rewards and complete this quest easily too.

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