How to Destroy Pyramid Beacons Destiny 2 Retribution Mission

In Season of Plunder, the Pyramid Beacons Destiny 2 tasks challenge you to decode clues, traverse the solar system, and unearth wealth. There are three Mysterious Quatrain experiences on the whole, and every one begins with a Fortune Guide from the Star Graph. With an obscure clue under your ‘Missions’ tab, read the quatrain and utilize the featured letters to decipher the hint in that. These clues are easy right away, however they could get foggy later on, so here are the answers to Destroy Pyramid Beacons Destiny 2 Retribution Mission.

How to Destroy Pyramid Beacons Destiny 2 Retribution Mission

Pyramid Beacons Destiny 2 Treasure

To obtain the Cryptic Quatrains missions, collect the Small, Medium, and Large Treasure Beacons from the HELM’s Star Chart. However, you can only gather Treasure Beacons after reaching a specific Rank on the Star Chart by gaining Savvy:

  • Small Treasure Pyramid Beacons Destiny 2: Unlock for Cryptic Quatrains 1 at Rank 7.
  • Medium Treasure Pyramid Beacons Destiny 2: Unlock for Cryptic Quatrains 2 at Rank 10.
  • Large Treasure Pyramid Beacons Destiny 2: Unlocked for Cryptic Quatrains 3 at Rank 16.

Complete the Ketchcrash and Undertaking errands to become Sagacious – you can peruse pretty much all the Destiny 2 Season 18 exercises with our aide. When you acquire the requisite rating, you will receive a Cryptic Quatrains quest if you gather the Treasure Beacon from the Star Chart rewards. To continue the mystery, finish the mission and then collect the next Treasure Beacon once it’s unlocked. 

Destiny 2 Retribution Mission

You can start Mysterious Quatrains 1 in the wake of getting the Little Fortune Reference point from the Star Graph. Here are the answers for the yellow hints in general. Begin, look, and go, moon: This one is very self-explanatory. Simply proceed to the Moon, although you may get a head start on the following hint by landing at Sorrow’s Harbour in the Moon map’s northeast corner. Harbor, melancholy, misfortune, divulgence, and chest: In the event that you haven’t already, go to the Moon’s Distress’ Harbor, then clear out the K1 Disclosures Lost Area and plunder the fortune toward the end.

Cosmo, fallen, saber, strike: To get this sign, simply finish the Fallen Saber Strike on the Cosmodrome. Find and pick the Fallen Saber Strike hub on the Cosmodrome guide to stack promptly into the Strike – you needn’t bother with being lucky and track down this Strike in the Vanguard Operations playlist.

How to Destroy Pyramid Beacons Destiny 2 Retribution Mission

In the wake of finishing the Strike, the Eventide Remains on Europa. A pair of cranes will be seen ahead of you, over an orange-lit region with a big, frozen rock in front. When you go to this rock, you’ll see a green Fallen sign in the snow, indicating where you need to dig. In the event that you do this, you will get one piece of Time of Loot gear, five Destiny 2 Guide Parts, and an Unrefined Code Section, which you will require later.

Destroy Pyramid Beacons Destiny 2 Retribution Mission

Europa, even, tide, hook, cranes, and look for: To begin Cryptic Quatrains 2, collect the Medium Treasure Beacon from the Star Chart. All of the yellow hints and solutions may be found here. This one isn’t as self-explanatory as bay, chest, drown, mist, dream, lost, and want. Travel to the Dreaming City and spin around as soon as you land to reach the Lost Sector of the Bay of Drowned Wishes. Clear out the monsters in the Lost Sector and loot the treasure at the end. 

Dead, lake, shadows, strike: Finish the Lake of Shadows Strike for this step. As with the Fallen Sabre Strike, just locate and choose the Lake of Shadows Strike node on the EDZ map to enter the Strike. Expedition, sword, wield: To fulfill this phase, just finish an Expedition task while equipped with a Sword in your Heavy weapon slot. You don’t even have to use your Sword to deliver damage, but if you do, the Destiny 2 Lament Exotic Sword is a solid pick that will cut through the tougher opponents near the finish.

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