Fortnite x Doctor Who Event: Updates & Leaks 2023

According to leaker iFireMonkey, Fortnite is prepping for a completely new crossover with Doctor Who i.e Fortnite x Doctor Who Event. The impending Fortnite x Doctor Who Event, which is set to happen in November to celebrate the show’s 60th commemoration, will be like the current ‘Most Needed’ update in that it will offer free beauty care products and new merchandise to the game.

Fortnite x Doctor Who Event

The hybrid will contain a ‘U.N.I.T Code Red!’ in-game page where players can finish Missions to “identify Lingering Energy and accumulate Intel to open different restricted time rewards.” According to a leaked screenshot of the next tab (seen below), players must acquire all Intel to unlock the Star Cruiser Glider. The realistic likewise flaunts a portion of the free Doctor Who beauty care products, like a TARDIS Emoji, U.N.I.T Standard Symbol, and Sonic Screwdriver Act out.

Fortnite x Doctor Who Event

The Doctor Who event will likewise remember the presentation of beauty care products for the Thing Shop, as indicated by the leaker, who got this data from an inside source at Epic Games. The Thing Shop bundle will include two outfits in view of the Fourteenth and Fifteenth Doctors, as well as a TARDIS Lightweight plane, Clairvoyant Paper Act out, Sonic Staff Pickaxe, and Dalek Controller Arm Pickaxe. At the same time, a Bundle comprising all of the new goods will be published, allowing players to acquire the set at a discounted price. 

iFireMonkey has likewise expressed that extraordinary Fortnite x Doctor Who stuff will be accessible around the event’s debut, notwithstanding the in-game beauty care products. The crossover between Fortnite and Doctor Who will go beyond aesthetics; the leaker has also revealed specifics about new weapons coming to the game for the occasion. During the event, a ‘U.N.I.T Advanced Rifle’ and a ‘Wraith Warrior Cannon’ will be added to the treasure pool, with the ability to “track” foes and employ a “hold to hurt” system.

Fortnite x Doctor Who Event Updates & Leaks

It’s urgent to take note of that these subtleties have not been affirmed by true sources, yet iFireMonkey has gained notoriety for being dependable with regards to released material. We’ll keep you informed when new data opens up. According to data-miner/leaker iFireMonkey, a Fortnite x Doctor Who partnership might be in the works. According to the material supplied to the leaker/data-miner, it appears that there have been conversations about the same.

Fortnite x Doctor Who Event

The participation will no doubt be a fourteen day in-game event. It will have a comparative event tab to the “Most Cared about” and “Winged serpent Ball” events. Having said that, here’s all you want to be aware of the approaching Fortnite x Doctor Who organization. The organization, as per iFireMonkey, is no doubt booked for November. This is because of the way that the Signal the Meep (Splash) has a great deal of significance to Doctor Who’s 60th commemoration extraordinary.

More About Fortnite x Doctor Who Event

However, keep in mind that this date is subject to change due to a variety of variables. Returning to Spray, it will be rewarded to players that visit the Creative Map related to the partnership. There is currently no information on how the map will appear, however it will almost certainly be constructed using UEFN. The makers will use the new programme to provide a mind-boggling experience. As is customary with Creative Maps, there will be Challenges for players to accomplish in order to gain prizes.

Other awards, such as experience points, will be available in addition to the Beep the Meep (Spray). Finally, the Fortnite x Doctor Who partnership will include cosmetic goods. These will be available in the Item Shop for purchase using V-Bucks. Two Outfits, two Harvesting Tools, one Glider, and one Emote have been confirmed as of now. This, however, is susceptible to alter as time passes. The final cosmetic item list will be revealed only a few days before the Fortnite x Doctor Who partnership goes live.

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