How to Kill 3 Pyro Guards with Fire DMZ

Are you looking to Kill 3 Pyro Guards with Fire DMZ so you can finish the Friendly Fire faction mission? The Pyro Officer was simply added to the game, but he brings forth indiscriminately fortresses, making him intense and aggravating to find. There are, notwithstanding, a couple of things you might do to reduce the pressure of finding him.

How to Kill 3 Pyro Guards with Fire DMZ

The primary thing you should achieve is get a Skeleton Key, as the Pyro Commandant just generates in a fixed region of the Fortress. This will spare you from bringing a slew of strange keys in the hopes of unlocking his place. You must accomplish the following two activities to fulfill the Tier 3 Faction Mission Friendly Fire:

  • Kill Pyro Commander with Fire DMZ
  • Kill 3 Pyro Guards with Fire DMZ

How to Find 3 Pyro Guards with Fire DMZ

The second step is to locate a helicopter to fly around the Al Mazrah Map to all stronghold positions. On the off chance that he brings forth at this spot, you will be advised as you approach the Fortress. On your minimap, the notice will show “The Pyro Nearby” with a Flaming Skull image. To make it even simpler to spot the Pyro Commander, these are the three most popular Stronghold sites reported by players who have slain him:

  • Post Office in Downtown
  • The US Embassy
  • Control Tower at the Airport

This does not imply he will be at these three sites 100% of the time, but you should have a better chance of finding him there, and these are ideal places to start. When you discover him, keep in mind that he is quite difficult. He has a shield, an automatic shotgun, and plenty of life.

Where to find 3 Pyro Guards with Fire DMZ

This difficult monster may be a headache to combat, especially in interior situations where he can fully utilize his Riot Shield and fire a shotgun. He is also accompanied by a team of Pyro guards, who are armored and equipped with strong weapons of their own. Finally, he should be a fun task for a single or team looking for higher rewards on their journeys. Unfortunately, the Pyro Commander, like other bosses in the game, is a random spawn that arrives within a Stronghold scattered around the landscape. 

How to Kill 3 Pyro Guards with Fire DMZ

As a result, the easiest method to find him is to go about in a fast vehicle, such as an ATV, or fly around in a helicopter, and wait for the warning sign to display on your screen, indicating that the Pyro is approaching. It is also advised that you carry a variety of keys or a Skeleton key in order to get entrance to the building where he is located, so that you are not locked out and unable to accomplish the assignment.

How to Kill 3 Pyro Guards with Fire DMZ

Once inside the structure, be wary of randomly positioned explosive barrels, which may quickly light up a whole squad. The How to Kill 3 Pyro Guards with Fire DMZ would normally move about with his shield in front of him, firing explosive shots at you and your colleagues. He is a lethal opponent that can take out a fully armored player in a few bullets. The Pyro Commander is best taken down by flanking him so that while he is firing on one player, the others run behind him and catch him off surprise. 

This manner, all of the damage may be concentrated on his head, breaking his armor swiftly and efficiently. You’ll also want to retain some fire weapons on you, such as molotovs, so you can finish the second section of the quest. To achieve Friendly Fire, players must also know to Kill 3 Pyro Guards with Fire DMZ, which should be easy after you destroy their armor.

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