Hop on Jump Pads at Coachella Island In Fortnite x Coachella Collaboration!

Hop on Jump Pads at Coachella Island: Fortnite players, get ready to experience the excitement of Coachella with the Fortnite x Coachella collaboration. From April 14 to April 28, 2023, players can enjoy exclusive content, challenges, and rewards inspired by the iconic music festival.

One of the challenges that players can undertake is the “Hop on Jump Pads at Coachella Island” challenge. In this article, we’ll provide you with all the information you need to complete the challenge and make the most out of the Fortnite x Coachella event.

Hop on Jump Pads at Coachella Island

What is the Coachella Island Event in Fortnite?

The Coachella Island Event is part of the Fortnite x Coachella collaboration. It features a brand new island experience with exciting challenges and performances from Porter Robinson. Players can access the island using the Discover feature or the island code 5449-4207-1280. Coachella Island will remain active even after the Coachella 2023 festival ends.

Hop on Jump Pads at Coachella Island

How to Complete the “Hop on Jump Pads at Coachella Island” Challenge :-

The “Hop on Jump Pads at Coachella Island” is a task in Fortnite Chapter 4 Season 2 that requires players to utilize jump pads located on Coachella Island to complete the challenge. This particular challenge is a component of the Fortnite X Coachella event. Here’s how to complete the challenge:

  1. Visit the Fortnite x Coachella website and log in using your Epic Games account.
  2. Log into Fortnite and ready up for a match of Battle Royale or Zero Build.
  3. To finish the task, locate the Coachella Island jump pads and use them.
  4. Repeat the process until you’ve used jump pads for a total of 1,000 units of distance.

Hop on Jump Pads at Coachella Island

Complete Quests and Challenges to Unlock Rewards :-

To unlock limited-time rewards, players must complete the Coachella Quests and the Fortnite x Coachella Challenge before April 23, 2023. Players will receive the Coachella Island Loading Screen as compensation for completing the Fortnite x Coachella Challenge successfully. Players that visit the Fortnite x Coachella website must take part in the challenge by driving a car in Battle Royale and Zero Build over 1,000 units of distance.

Apart from the Coachella Island Event and the challenge, players can enjoy the new radio station “Icon Radio” in Fortnite Battle Royale and Zero-Build Mode. Icon Radio features a variety of songs and artists from the Coachella 2023 festival and runs until May 12th.

Fortography Contest :-

Players can also participate in the “Good Vibes 2023 Fortography” contest, which runs until April 28th. Players can take screenshots of Coachella Island and share them on Twitter using the hashtag #Fortography or post them on r/FortNiteBR with the “Fortography” post flair. Selected screenshots will be featured in the Fortography Art Park, which will be available on Coachella Island after April 21st.

Conclusion :-

The Fortnite x Coachella collaboration is a unique experience that players don’t want to miss. The Coachella Island Event, quests, and challenges offer an exciting way to enjoy the festival and unlock exclusive rewards.

Players who complete the “Hop on Jump Pads at Coachella Island” challenge will be rewarded with the Coachella Island Loading Screen. With just a few days left, make sure to participate in the event and complete all the challenges before April 28th. Get ready to hop on those jump pads and let the good vibes roll.

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