Is Blue Protocol Pay to Win 2023: Know Here!

Is Blue Protocol Pay to Win: Blue Protocol is the name of an internet-based combat playing roles game with a large number of players. Like other games in this genre, this one is also available for free to play. As it is available for free to play the game enthusiasts main concern is that “is blue protocol pay to win”.

Three features the collection Blue Protocol ahead of its competitors were mentioned in the conversation with Mike Zadorojny: a “seamless” open world setting without the need for group play in certain situations; extensive personality and avatars customization; and intense, mechanically complex combat.

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Is Blue Protocol Pay to Win?

Is Blue Protocol Pay to Win

There were several instances of “free” games, though, that needed a purchase to access. Players who question is Blue Protocol pay to win business model have criticised the company’s free-to-play model. Do we need to be concerned?

Pay to Win concern is mostly a result of Tickets’ introduction. You’ll gain greater loot from raids with their assistance. You’ll also receive three more Tickets free every single day. But you are limited to ten of them, no matter whether you purchased them or got them for nothing.

There are rumours that you can only purchase an aggregate of five coupons every single day. Making the grinding process simpler using this may be beneficial for players that do not possess a lot of spare time. Players must not, in final analysis, feel punished for participating “for free.” In relation to this, Blue Protocol has some gacha elements, however they largely revolve around aesthetics.

The main purpose of the in-game cash would be to buy cosmetic goods; therefore, developers are confident about that Is Blue Protocol pay to win? They are sure that it is not a pay to win game. However, a season pass system will exist that will enable you to receive extra advantages. Unfortunately, there isn’t any more information about those incentives. Because Blue Protocol won’t be released until the latter portion of 2023, the developers possess enough of time to iron out any gameplay issues.

Blue Protocol: Is It Free to Play?

Is Blue Protocol Pay to Win

A free-to-play game featuring in-game purchases is called Blue Protocol. Because the class system varies from an application like Genshin Impact (that lacks particular characters but needs the user to construct their own avatar), we think the cosmetic elements will be solely aesthetic, meaning that is blue protocol pay to win? The answer according to this is it won’t be pay-to-win or gacha.

This follows Amazon Games’ attempts to “Westernise” the in-game purchases in Lost Ark and steer clear of pay-to-win features in New World. The game has previously had a couple Closed Betas, although they were only available in Japan. We estimate that Closed Betas are going to be revealed in the first several months of 2023, even if you can’t now begin playing.

Twin Striker, a fast-moving combat class, employs two hatchets simultaneously. The way this class plays suggests a “Berserker”-style concept with an indicator that fills up in reaction to your attacks. Some of the earliest gameplay clips for this class may be seen in the video down below. Combat is “action-based,” consequently everything happens right away. As you level up, skill points may be used to further tailor one of the four abilities that a particular class can equip.


  • A large multiplayer multiplayer action simulation game is called Blue Protocol.
  • The game is also free to play, much like the majority of games in this category.
  • Blue Protocol’s free-to-play business strategy has drawn criticism from players who wonder if blue protocol pay to win.
  • You will also receive three Coupons daily for complimentary at exactly the same time.
  • Blue Protocol’s creators are sure that it is not a pay-to-win game because the only in-game currency would be used to purchase cosmetic items.
  • However, there is going to be a season-ticket mechanism that will let you get more benefits.

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