Destiny 2 7.0.5 Update: Patch Notes and Changes!

Destiny 2 7.0.5 Update: Destiny 2 is a popular online first-person shooter game that has undergone constant updates to improve its gameplay experience. One of the latest updates, the Destiny 2 7.0.5 patch, has brought extensive changes to the game. You can find everything you need for this update right here.

Destiny 2 7.0.5

Changes Activities in Destiny 2 7.0.5 :

The animations for the Variable Exotic quest’s Data Collection final encounter were altered to address any issues with photosensitive players. Additionally, when playing alone, the Legend & Master Lost Sectors now have a higher drop rate of Exotic armour.

Additionally, the “Vex Incursion Countermeasures” weekly bounty now resets when the player is at rest, and the Hall of Heroes introduction task can now be completed following statue interaction.

Improvements in UI/UX in Destiny 2 7.0.5 Update :-

To avoid accidentally bypassing the end-of-mission cinematics when leaving the Commendations screen and returning to orbit, the Return in Orbit option has been changed in Destiny 2 7.0.5 Update.

Gameplay and Investment Changes In Destiny 2 7.0.5 Update :-

The update resolves problems with armour, including the inability of some Artefact mods to provide Anti-Barrier capabilities or the Gyrfalcon’s exotic Hauberk chest to give Void weapons similar powers. The Titan’s Exotic Synthoceps gauntlets also have less of a benefit to their Glaive melee damage, which now deals less damage to both foes and their own Guardians.

The Destiny update 7.0.5¬† also resolved bugs with certain weapons, like the Winterbite Exotic Glaive’s tendency to deal more damage to targets than was intended and the Lightfall variants of The Inquisitor as well as Mindbender’s Ambition Shotguns’ erroneous magazine perks.

Destiny 2 7.0.5
Changes to Abilities in Destiny 2 7.0.5 update:-

A problem with Berserker’s Into in Fray Aspect not triggering on additional Tangle detonations has been fixed, while Strand’s internal Thread of Ascent Fragment cooldown has been extended from two seconds to four seconds. Unstoppable Champions are now correctly stunned by the suspended explosion of the Mindspun Invocation Aspect of the Broodweaver.

When the Shackle or Threadling Grenade is equipped, the Thread of Generation Fragment is working as intended after a Silkstrike Super deactivation, and the radiant effect now increases the damage of Strand weapons.

Changes in Power and Progression in Destiny 2 update 7.0.5 :-

Objectives for all Guardian Ranks now only require tier-3 difficulty or higher, and the necessary Commendations score has been decreased. Another problem where only tiers 4 and higher applied to rank advancement was resolved by the update. After an unsuccessful mission activity, players are no longer able to award Commendations to others.

Release Date for the Destiny 2 7.0.5 Update :-

On Tuesday, April 18, the Destiny update 2 7.0.5 is scheduled to go live. The servers will be taken offline by Bungie for maintenance in order to install the update, so players must be aware of this. On the Destiny Server as well as Update Status page, you may get more details about maintenance windows.

Conclusion :-

The Destiny 2 7.0.5 patch brings extensive changes to the game, improving its gameplay experience. From activities to power and progression changes, the update fixes various issues and bugs, providing a better gaming experience. Keep an eye out for the update’s release date and enjoy playing Destiny 2 with the latest changes.

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