How to Get Easy Egg in BedWars Easter Egg Hunt 2023?

How to get Easy Egg in Bedwars: Roblox BedWars has always been a popular game mode within the Roblox community. And with the recent addition of the Egg Hunt 2023 event, the game has become even more exciting. The Easter 2023 Egg Hunt allows players to explore different maps and complete various challenges to find hidden eggs, which can unlock a range of rewards, including kit skins, badges, limited shop items, and more.

One of the most challenging eggs to find in the Egg Hunt event is the Egg in Bedwars. This elusive egg requires players to make a unique X and O shape using 13 blocks, which can be a daunting task for many players. In this guide, we’ll show you how to get Easy Egg in BedWars and claim your well-deserved reward.

How to get Easy Egg in bedwars

What is the Easy Egg in bedwars?

The Roblox BedWars Easter Egg Hunt 2023 event’s Egg is the one that’s the most challenging to discover. It refers to something, perhaps a game of tic-tac-toe, although understanding what it means is not too difficult. Players must use blocks to form the letters X and O with a space between them.

How to Get the Easy Egg in BedWars?

To get the Egg in Bedwars, players must create an X and O shape using blocks. The X should have five blocks in total, and the O should have eight blocks. There must be a space between the two letters.

It is recommended that players attempt of how to get Easy Egg in Bedwars in a squads match or another game mode where they have plenty of time before someone attacks their bed.

How to get Easy Egg in Bedwars

How Many Blocks We Need To Make Easy Egg In Bedwars?

To form the X and O shape for the egg in bedwars, it is necessary to use a specific number of blocks. The X shape requires five blocks, while the O shape requires eight blocks. The area in between the two characters should also be filled with a single block. Any kind of block may be used, but it must be carefully arranged so that it forms the required shape.

Rewards for the Easter Egg Hunt 2023 Event :-

Players can gain access to perks including a set skin, badge, limited shop item, as well by taking part in the Easter 2023 Egg Hunt. The Egg Hunt features a total of 12 eggs, and each egg requires players to perform a specific task to unlock it. Some of the eggs include the Giant Egg, Rainbow Egg, Fire Egg, and more.

To acquire the Egg Launcher, a temporary weapon with potent egg-splosions that pack a big punch, players must find all of a Easter eggs. With the Egg Launcher, players can launch exploding eggs at their adversaries, which can cause serious harm.

The Eggshell Helm, a temporary store item, is another item that players can unlock in addition to the Egg Launcher. This item is a cosmetic headpiece that features a unique egg design and is only available during the Easter 2023 Egg Hunt.

How to get Easy Egg in Bedwars
Conclusion :-

Roblox BedWars is a fun and exciting game mode that challenges players to build their defenses, protect their bed, and eliminate their opponents. The Easter 2023 Egg Hunt event has added a new dimension of fun to the game by giving players the opportunity to hunt for hidden eggs and unlock exciting rewards.

The Egg in Bedwars is one of the most challenging eggs to find in the Egg Hunt event, but it’s not impossible. With a little guidance and patience, any player can get their hands on this egg and claim their well-deserved reward. So, get started on your Egg Hunt journey, and who knows, you might just end up with the powerful Egg Launcher as your ultimate prize.

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