Destiny 2 the Conflux Lost Sector: Tips & Locations

Destiny 2 the Conflux Lost Sector: The Shayotet Partisan, a monster in the   Destiny 2 the Conflux Lost Sector, may emerge and vanish in various portions of the room, along with other adversaries like Barrier and Unstoppable Champions. This article will help the players by giving a list of tips and strategies to complete the game. 

Destiny 2 The Conflux Lost Sector: Tips & Strategies

Destiny 2 the Conflux Lost Sector

A large chamber in The Lost Sector has several pillars and slopes, giving players cover and escape options. A greater number of adversaries that may encircle and overpower them, as well as many Cabal warriors using Void shields and Barrier and Invincible Champions, and other dangers, must be avoided by players.

Players must plan the ideal loadout in advance and utilise the appropriate seasonal modifications to defeat the Champions and monsters in order to successfully conquer in Destiny2 the Conflux Lost Sector on Legend and Master levels and obtain some special Exotic armour.

Venue And Starting Procedure

  • Go to Nessus and set down at the Cistern to start.
  • Look to the left for a structure with a triangle-shaped entryway, and to your right for a Vex cascade.
  • It is the entrance of the Conflux Lost Sector in Destiny 2.
  • To approach nearer to the stream and locate the opening, you can hover across the Vex cave in a secure manner. However, it’s simple to overlook, so pay close attention.

How to Finish the Legend Difficulty Level in Destiny 2 the Conflux Lost Sector?

Destiny 2 the Conflux Lost Sector

You must be ready for one of the most difficult tasks in the game if you intend to take in Destiny 2 The Conflux Lost Sector.

The quantity of champions you’ll encounter in The Conflux is among its most challenging elements. Don’t worry, though; we have some crucial advice to assist you in taking them down.

  • Acquire certain seasonal modifiers to successfully defeat champions.
  • Use Anti-Barrier Pulse Guns to get over obstacle defenses.
  • Scout Rifles or Glaives can be used to stun unstoppable champions.
  • Watch out for the Scorched Earth Modifier, that boosts enemy grenade production.
  • Keep an eye on your surroundings and seek safety behind pillars.
  • Use the solar panel or Void weaponry to successfully combat champion shields.
  • Plan your attacks cautiously since Solar Burn causes a 50% increase in both damage received, and damage dealt.
  • To defeat difficult adversaries, especially those of Legend difficulty, work as a fire squad and communicate well.

How to Finish the Master Difficulty level in Destiny 2 the Conflux Lost Sector?

You’re in for a struggle if you’re playing Destiny 2  The Conflux Lost Sector on Master Difficulty. The following advice will assist you in succeeding:

  • The level consists of a single chamber with several pillars offering protection and different altitudes for escaping.
  • To avoid being surrounded and overpowered by adversaries, maintain a comfortable distance and roam about the room.
  • Own a scout shooter and a pulse rifle, at least one of them should be a solar powered or void armament. A solar armament is more efficient since there are less barriers to get in the way of it.
  • Because it has increased Solar damage and can complete the majority of missions swiftly, the Gjallarhorn is the most effective option for a heavy weapon. The Lament is another effective weapon for close combat.
  • To avoid being struck by hostile fire, take use of any available cover. When opponents are far away, pillars can shield you and drive them away.
  • Deploy your super to deliver the most damage possible when the boss shows up.
  • For this situation, a Solar super weapon such as the Golden Gun or Dawn blade is the ideal choice.


Players will receive a treasure chest filled with numerous goods, including exceptional and exotic gear, after beating the boss. The degree of difficulty and the frequency of the rotation will determine the exact loot that players obtain. Due to the Conflux Lost Sector’s daily targeting of a certain armor slot and the opportunity for players to obtain an Exotic item for that slot, it is a dependable place to farm Exotic armor pieces as well.

In Destiny 2 the Conflux Lost Sector’s boss fight might be difficult, but with the appropriate strategies and equipment, players can prevail and reap the benefits.

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