Ragnarok Origin Best Pet: Get Free!

Ragnarok Origin Best Pet: This article talks about the ragnarok origin best pet to have as a company for the players to excell in the game. These pets are Midgard-based creatures that may be called forth using a gacha-like mechanism.

You can find all the information you want for pet summoning, training, and advancement to get Ragnarok Origin best in the game.

Methods to Get the Ragnarok Origin Best Pet

Ragnarok Origin Best Pet

Key Points to look out for.

Below are mentioned the important point from the pet system to get the ragnarok origin best pet:

  • Summon guarantee for A and S pets is 60/120.
  • There is a cumulative 25.4% chance with Common Summon to obtain a pet.
  • Only 1% of legendary summons result in S pets.
  • Training pets improves stats.
  • Character stats are permanently increased through pet promotions (non-free-to-play).

How to Call a Pet with Chances to Survive?

Players must access the Pet menu by clicking the right navigational button in the top-right area of the screen. To summon a pet, you’ll need a Super Pet Coupon and a Pet Coupon. The Super Pet Coupon is only applicable to Legendary summons, whereas the Pet Coupon may be used for regular summons. More pet coupons are available at our Redeem Code page.

The Pity system in ROO also allows players to receive a guaranteed high rarity pet after a set amount of summons.

  • 60 Common summon, a pet of A rarity is promised.
  • 120 Legendary summon; a pet of the S rarity is assured.

Players should keep track of the precise rate chances for each summon they roll because the pet summoning method is based on random number generation and it will help the players to get the ragnarok origin best pet.

Common Pets Summon:

  • Pet Wishlist A: 3.01%
  • A Pet – 22.3%
  • Pet B or C – 33.45%
  • 1.25% for 2 to 3 S pet Shards
  • 3 to 4 Shards of a pet – 14.5%
  • Pet Shard, 4 to 5 B or C, 14.49%

Legendary Pets Summon:

S Pet Wishlist 1%

Pet Wishlist A – 2.95 %

A Pet – 21.33%

B Pet – 32.03%

1.495 to 3 S Pet Shard

Pet Shard 3 to 4: 13.86%

Pet Shard 4 to 5 B or C – 13.88%

When summoning your pet, the additional rate probability that you are seeing for the Wishlist A or S Pet is raised. You may accomplish this by adding the pet you desire to your Wish list.

This will increase your odds of summoning A pet by 3.0% in Common Summon, S pet by a total of 1%, and A pet by a total of 3% in Legendary Summon.

Pet Stats and How to Train Your Pet to Get Better Stats to Make the Ragnarok Origin Best Pet:

Ragnarok Origin Best Pet

Pets in Ragnarok Origin help boost your aggregate Divine Power points and have exclusive stats, with the exception of pet skill (more on this later). Each pet has distinctive, in-depth data that demonstrate its combat prowess. The Spirit Dew substance may be used to teach pets to get more STR, AGI, VIT, INT, DEX, and LUK stats.

Players should be aware of the stats that impact the specific stats of their pet if they want to get the maximum out of pet training. They are STR, AGI, INT, LUK, and DEX, among others. By taking part in the Alfheim instance, players can acquire extra Spirit Dew.

It is crucial to match your pet’s stats with their specific stats in order to maximise their fighting effectiveness and get most possible from pet training. Players should concentrate on the metrics that directly impact their pet’s detailed stats to avoid the training going to waste, even though training stats are entirely random.

  • STR: Boosts physical damage and health restoration.
  • Attack Speed (ASPD) and FLEE are boosted by AGI.
  • Enhances SP Recovery (INT)
  • Enhances Critical Damage (CRIT DMG) and Critical Rate (CRIT).
  • DEX: Ups the Hit Rate.


The Ragnarok Origin best pet is found by summoning of the pets from the pet eggs and the legendary pets are considered to be the stronger ones. Getting a pet also depends on the luck of the players, the above article talks about the chances of getting the Ragnarok origin best pet method, which with their different skills will help the players to become the best in the game completing all the quests, missions, and so on.

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